The Book of Books: 500 Years of Graphic Innovation


“A useful and …inspiring survey.”

— The Virginia Quarterly Review

“The reproductions are magnificent and the overall quality is superb. Anyone who works in graphic design will feel humbled and inspired by the creativity and uniqueness of the examples, most of which were published before computers.”

— Portland Book Review

The Book of Kells


“This new British edition is a fantastic recreation of the tome that sits in repose at the library in Dublin’s Trinity College.”

— NY Daily News Book Blog

“Sheds much light on this treasured book and raises many more questions.”

— Antiques and the Arts Weekly

“A fine introduction to this extraordinarily beautiful work.”

— Grand Rapids Press



“[Alex] Johnson’s book will remind our descendants of the whimsy and glory of making theater out of book storage.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“Stacked cinder blocks and boards work just as well–or as optimistic in this e-book world—as the swirling, angled, wacky shelves in Alex Johnson’s new book.”

— The Los Angeles Times

“…a very cool compilation of creatively designed bookshelves…”

— The Chicago Tribune

“Johnson’s delight in the inventiveness of contemporary bookshelf design is infectious, and the care for and love of books imbued in these creations may enthuse even the most devoted e-book reader.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Especially and particularly recommended to anyone whose ideas of interior decoration and design include rooms of bookshelves brimming over with their life-time collections.”

— The Midwest Book Review

Brand New: The Shape of Brands to Come


“Olins …welcomed the debate of his ideas over the power of branding.”


“There’s no doubt that the prescient Olins has left a yawning gap in the world of branding. His final book, at least, should see the rest of us well into the future.”

— Sway

Brandt Nudes: A New Perspective


“Photography lovers and fans of Brandt’s work will find this sumptuous collection with insightful commentaries a must-have.”

— Publishers Weekly

“It is Brandt’s nude that reminds us of a life spirit that pervades the body itself that makes it more than just a mass of flesh but the vehicle for a spirit that is luminous on the page.”

— Le Journal de la Photographie

“Filled with gorgeous reproductions …and includes Lawrence Durrell’s original preface to the first volume of nudes.”

— The New York Review of Books

Brassaï: Paris Nocturne


“The reproduction of photographs on the printed page has grown increasingly sophisticated, so that at last the blacks are bottomless, the grays are pearly, the lights are warmly alluring…The nocturnal theme gives the book a sense of narrative, as if all of these adventures are unfolding in the course of a single, very long, endlessly surprising night.”

— Luc Sante The New York Review of Books

“Stunning …the authors have pieced together this incredible moment in history and give readers a glimpse into the world of one of the most celebrated photographers of the 20th century.”

— Publishers Weekly


— France Magazine

“Much of Brassaï’s photographic career is a seamless rhapsody to Paris after dark …all of it, including previously unpublished pieces, celebrated in [this] newly released collection.”

— Rangefinder

“With unprecedented scope, this 312-page tome takes us from glistening rain-soaked streets to illicit houses of pleasure and back again.”

— American Photo

“The coffee-table format and the crisp reproduction values do Brassai’s incredibly poetic eye and his black-and-white work justice.”

— THE Magazine

“Brings us face to face with all the pleasure-seeking patrons, pedestrians, street toughs and the homeless in these classic noire photographs.”


“Definitive proof that the night belongs to the Hungarian-born photographer Brassaï.”

— Zoom Street

“Lush…Essays by Aubenas and Bajac …put Brassaï’s enormous body of work in perspective.”

— Lavender Magazine

“Provides the most complete look at Brassaï’s nocturnal photographs yet produced. Many will be new to readers…Thoroughly researched and well written, excellently designed and beautifully printed, this is one of the better photographic books published in 2013…Highly recommended.”

— Choice

Breaking the Maya Code


“A great story told clearly and passionately by a great Mayanist.”

— Science

“As good an introduction to the world of the Maya, and of Maya scholars, as one is likely to get.”

— USA Today

“Portrays a Maya culture obsessed with warfare, dynastic rivalries, and ritual bloodletting, yet rich with masterpieces in art and architecture.”

— Science News

The Brother Haggadah: A Medieval Sephardi Masterpiece in Facsimile


“This Haggadah…represents the integration of hand, heart, eye and mind in a way that enables us to glimpse the true genius of the medieval illuminator’s workshop”

— The Jewish Week

“first-ever facsimile edition of one of the most beautifully decorated Hebrew manuscripts”

— The American Jewish World

“vibrant….spirited illustrations and handsome scribal work”

— Jewish Book Council

“This Haggadah…represents the integration of hand, heart, eye and mind in a way that enables us to glimpse the true genius of the medieval illuminator’s workshop”

— The Jewish Week

“first-ever facsimile edition of one of the most beautifully decorated Hebrew manuscripts”

— The American Jewish World

“vibrant….spirited illustrations and handsome scribal work”

— Jewish Book Council

Brown: The History of an Idea


“[A] sleek, photo-rich volume…Widmer writes with grace and verve…Perhaps Widmer’s greatest success is to link Brown to its Baptist, anti-authoritarian roots, firmly established in Rhode Island by Roger Williams.”

— Providence Journal

Bruce Gilden


“A beautifully printed book.”

— Juxtapoz

“One can’t help but be impressed with Gilden’s dark and uncompromising vision. Unburdened with narrative concerns, his images emerge as impromptu street portraits that defy facile interpretation.”

— Black & White

Building Community: New Apartment Architecture


“This attractive and informative volume, filled with color photographs and black-and-white drawings, offers 30 bold, innovative case studies [of] solutions to myriad challenges of urban living, including overcrowding, housing shortages, neglected neighborhoods, and sustainability issues. Webb begins with a brief essay outlining the evolution of the apartment building as typology and introduces readers to exceptional examples of 20th-century modernist dwellings. The greater portion of this book showcases contemporary designs, with brief texts describing the challenges the architects addressed. Design professionals will appreciate being introduced to these projects and trends. For general readers, this work will expand the notion of what apartment design can be.”

— Library Journal

“Highly recommended. Webb makes the reader aware of some innovative contemporary solutions to the unrealized potential of the apartment building. Nothing was spared in illustrating the book: more than 300 high-quality color photographs, diagrams, floor plans and sections provide an excellent understanding of the concepts the author is propagating.”




“The allure of this travel book is the mysteriousness and magnificence of its subject… The book includes over 250 stunning photographs taken by the authors, eight color maps, a glossary, and useful web sites… A grand and beautiful introduction to Burma for travelers, armchair travelers, or anyone interested in this little-known country.”

— Library Journal

“Generously illustrated with color photographs throughout, this is essential reading for anyone visiting—or considering visiting—Burma.”

— Real Travel

Byoung Cho



— North Caroline Modernist Houses

“Explore[s] the aesthetic sensibilities of a man considered to be Korea’s most important architect.”

— Protoview

“Inked sketches are paired with color photographs to reveal Cho’s stringent and supple exteriors, as well as his austere and minimal interiors.”

— Metropolis

Cabinet of Wonders: The Gaston-Louis Vuitton Collection


“Page after page of Gaston’s collection—much of which is of negligible monetary value—reveals a cross-section of the aesthetic and material concerns of a highly cultured European, the likes of which are rarely seen in such comprehensive, unsparing detail… It’s an esoteric, oddly personal collection of objects, one that evinces the hobbies and preferences of Vuitton better than any hagiography ever could.”

— Bloomberg

Cabinets of Curiosities


“Packed with so many images it will appeal to art libraries as well, but is recommended here for its special interest to collections appealing to collectors of oddities.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Mauriés’ tour of strange objects is entertaining and fascinating. His chapters …reflect a deeply intellectual appreciation.”

— Antiques & The Arts Weekly

“[This book] is an entertaining read with hundreds of images of both the collectibles and the elaborate presentations fashioned for them during the great age of collecting.”

— The Bloomsbury Review

Calligraphy: A Book of Contemporary Inspiration


“Calligraphy isn’t your standard pretty-lettering primer, but rather an edgy, inspirational guide for both beginning and experienced calligraphers…Transforms images from nature into a rich bounty of inspiration.”

— HOW Magazine

“The examples featured are highly original…derived from nature, and [are] subtle, rich and tactile.”

— Better Interiors

The Cantankerous Crow


The Cantankerous Crow is an old legend brought back to caw-cawing life…. The rhyming prose is as fast-paced as it is playful, and the illustrations by award-winning Danish illustrator Poul Stroyer, offer a rich, colorful, and kid-friendly view of the crow’s chaotic world.”

— Picture Book Depot

Carpets from Islamic Lands


“A handsome book, this work is important for scholars…Recommended.”

— Choice

“Though the book is beautiful to look at, it is not a ‘coffee table’ decoration, but a scholarly work with textural notes and an extensive bibliography.”

— Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot