“The omnipotence of death, not the omnipotence of the artist is Stern's theme. While photographing, Stern's conscious concerns were formal; however, those concerns yielded emotion-­fraught images, and she admits that she is still striving to accept death, which for her, is changeable and dynamic. Kuspit's inclusion of art from Renaissance to contemporary times provides a firm ground on which to consider Stern's photographs. [A] perfect starting point for a multidisciplinary discussion or course on photography, philosophy, art history, and comparative religion.”

— Library Journal

The Smile Stealers: The Fine and Foul Art of Dentistry


“In The Smile Stealers, Barnett presents a stunning visual history of dentistry… Though Barnett includes a broadly written history of dentistry through the ages, the strength of the book is the design and presentation of the art and imagery… This book will appeal to all readers with an interest in history, medicine, and art and design.”

— Choice

Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide


“Unlike most sequels, this one is very necessary…a manageable 256 pages of pure sneaker porn and a great reflection on the past decade in footwear.”

— Complex

“All the information a sneakerhead could want about many of the most appealing athletic shoes that have recently been launched—all accompanied by  crisp, clean photographs.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“A comprehensive look at some of the most exclusive kicks in history.”

— Smooth Magazine

“You will find yourself immersed in the subculture depicted in this eye-opening limited edition guide. If you love sneakers, this is the book to pick up.”

— Portland Book Review

Splat!: The Most Exciting Artists of All Time


“Arranged chronologically, each chapter features a single artist who bucked convention… Plentiful reproductions make each chapter visually appealing, and a few activities sprinkled throughout help drive home the importance of the artists’ stylistic innovations…The approachable tone, dossier-style pages, and plentiful visual aids will make this an easy pick for students hoping to become better acquainted with famous artists.”

— Booklist

“Arranged chronologically, each chapter features a single artist who bucked convention… Plentiful reproductions make each chapter visually appealing, and a few activities sprinkled throughout help drive home the importance of the artists’ stylistic innovations…The approachable tone, dossier-style pages, and plentiful visual aids will make this an easy pick for students hoping to become better acquainted with famous artists.”

— Booklist

“In the fourth book in a series that includes Eureka! and Genius!, Richards profiles 20 well-known visual artists, moving chronologically from Michelangelo to Warhol. After a brief overview of ancient art, Richards devotes four pages to each artist, providing sketches of their backgrounds and artistic goals, full-page reproductions of some of their best-known works, a few paragraphs on their upbringings and careers, and supplemental images, timelines, sidebars, and tidbits. Succinct writing provides clear snapshots of the artists’ struggles, beliefs, and influence.”

— Publishers Weekly

“wonderful for budding artists of any age”

— Picture Book Depot

“in format and editorial approach, [it] is an engaging art history discussion with a contemporary feel that may well capture a young reader’s interest….Even the title Splat! has a seductive buzz.”

— New York Journal of Books

“The book is a success for many reasons: it distills the most important life information about the artists, and present their work conditions, techniques, and details worth note….terrific journey through the ages”


“an exceptionally informative art book”

— San Francisco Book Review

Standing with Stones: A Photographic Journey through Megalithic Britain and Ireland


“Wonderful photographs… A magnificent feast for anyone with the slightest interest in prehistoric monuments…”

— Journal of Scientific Exploration

“Reading the accompanying text for each site is like being led by a trustworthy tour guide, which the author has indeed often been. He does not try to drown you in facts but tells you how to get to each site, what to look for while there, and what to keep in mind about it.”

— New Age Retailer

Stencil Type


“If Stencil Type makes any kind of case it’s that a simple approach is best for stencils, yielding a more pleasing and stylish result than attempts at overly elaborate letterforms.”


Stonehenge Complete


“It would not be easy to name a better guide …than Chippindale’s very welcome study of Stonehenge through the ages.”

— The Guardian

“Splendidly illustrated …a standard reference work.”

— The Times Literary Supplement

The Story of The Face: The Magazine that Changed Culture


The Face captured the imaginations of young people for two decades. Gorman recounts the history and influence of the monthly British publication [that] set the standard for its style-conscious readership interested in discovering new looks, music, and trends. Fans of 1980s and 1990s alternative music and fashion will appreciate this retrospective, as will students of journalism and graphic design.”

— Library Journal

“THE STORY OF THE FACE has the size and heft of a coffee-table book, with plenty of striking reproductions of famous covers and spreads. Gorman is a steadfast admirer, and much of the text is given over to meticulous, moment-by-moment accounts of the magazine’s inner workings.”

— The New Yorker

Street Craft: Yarnbombing, Guerilla Gardening, Light Tagging, Lace Graffiti and More


“From yarn bombing to appliqué, gardening to stenciled light projections, origami to cross-stitch, miniatures, and book sculpting, Kuittinen takes us far beyond street art in its most widely understood form (graffiti tags)…A solid primer on the subject for both burgeoning artists and fans.”

— Library Journal

“A gorgeous new hardcover. Twenty-eight artists in all are engagingly represented here. A solid, informative overview of the global scene. Lets each artist tell his or her own story among the stunning, often inspirational images of what they’ve wrought. Street Craft gets our highest recommendation.”

— The Austin Chronicle

“In the landscape of street art, graffiti paved the way for guerrilla gardening and yarnbombing. Kuittinen thoughtfully explores this evolution, offering a catalog of highly ephemeral art that has popped up worldwide in potholes, on lampposts and, yes, on the sides of abandoned buildings.”

— Chicago Tribune

“These artists …represent a worthy phenomenon, and Kuittinen smartly gives most of the collection’s space over to images and artist statements, providing a number of insights into their practices.”

— Publishers Weekly

“In many jurisdictions, street craft is considered vandalism. Kuittinen’s gallery of volunteer art might inspire a more generous appraisal.”

— The Boston Globe

“A beautiful book.”

— Portland Book Review

“With detailed photos and personal statements from artists around the globe, even familiar projects …are seen anew in this refreshing, comprehensive look at radical craft practice. ”

— American Craft

“Through illustrations of their colorful, sculptural work, accompanied by artist statements and descriptions of their practice, Kuittinen suggests that these artists are expanding the definition of street art.”

— Public Art Review

The Street Photographer's Manual


“Designed to inspire action rather than merely serve as a how-to guide to urban photography, this manual makes you want to get outside, observe the world differently, and take photos.”

— Virtuoso Life

“Will undoubtedly be helpful to the novice or experienced photographer.”

— Portland Book Review

Street Photography Now


“Somehow the most compelling street photography remains the kind that allows us to imagine ourselves wandering into the frame.”

— Wall Street Journal

StyleCity New York


“Super-smart city guides.”

— Esquire

StyleCity guides are indispensable.”

— Town & Country

“For travelers with twenty-first century tastes.”

— Condé Nast Traveler

StyleCity: the destination of choice for the style-conscious traveler.”

— Wallpaper

“Embracing old and new, venturing to Williamsburg, Long Island City and other borough 'hoods: an excellent guide for discovering Gotham.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Gorgeous, ultra visual.”

— Elle Decoration

Subway Art


“Time has not diminished the book’s beauty. The chance to view so many classic pieces at an increased size is almost as exciting as the inclusion of more than 70 previously unpublished photographs. The bible of the New York graffiti movement.”

— The Washington Post

“In 1984, Subway Art presented stunning photos of the burgeoning street art movement and the artists who created it. More than 30 years later, this reissue includes over 70 photographs not featured in the original edition and new introductions by both photographers.”

— Library Journal

The Summer Palaces of the Romanovs: Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo


“A lustrous album of photographs by Marc Walter… With wise and rapturous commentary…”

— New York Times

“A breathtaking work perfectly balancing informative prose with photos that dazzle the eye”

— The Gilmore Guide to Books

“Even in our age of conspicuous consumption, it’s hard to imagine the grandeur of The Summer Palaces of the Romanovs.”

— Woman Around Town



“Waldberg sensibly gives the bulk of his space to the actual documents of the movement—the manifestos, the editorials, the outcries. Breton, Desnos, Eluard, Aragon, Ernst—these and others are represented. The pictorial documentation is even more lavish—here are all the major figures connected with the movement, 'taken from the life,' often by the perceptive camera of Man Ray.”

— The Listener

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook


“Accessible and highly relevant to current fashion students, this book is information-dense, authoritative, and wide ranging …”

— Publishers Weekly

“Black’s sourcebook reinforces the notion that fashion, rather than being the most ephemeral and toxic of necessary and everyday design arts, can also be made manifest in clothing that is passed down through appreciative generations.”

— Designers & Books

“Presents a complex view that is more focused on solutions and innovations than on accusation of wasteful companies and practices…Recommended.”

— Choice

“[A] treatise on the seemingly contradictory concept of sustainable fashion.”

— Protoview