Research & Design: The Architecture of Variation


“[R]eaders will be mesmerized by the unworldly, undulating, futuristic forms of buildings and projects existing now on printed page and computer monitor, and perhaps someday on solid ground.”

— Library Journal

“Readers will be mesmerized by the unworldly, undulating, futuristic forms of buildings and projects existing now on printed page and computer monitor, and perhaps someday on solid ground.”

— Choice

Rings: Jewelry of Power, Love and Loyalty


“An outstanding survey highly recommended for any interested in jewelry in general and rings in particular.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Brilliantly photographed, meticulously researched, and engagingly readable.”

— Gems and Gemology

Robin Hood


“Holt’s work is solid and interesting, likely to last.”

— Library Journal

“An admirable work of historical detection.”

— A. L. Rowse, author of The Elizabethan Renaissance

The Romans Who Shaped Britain


“Based on current scholarly research, provides a refreshing alternative that follows the saga of Roman Britain over five centuries through the individuals who placed their stamp on its exciting history.”

— Historian

Rome and the Sword


“[The author is] at his best when he discusses weapons of various types and their development over the long span of Rome’s rise to dominance in the Mediterranean and Europe.”

— Choice

Ronnie Wood: Artist


Ronnie Wood: Artist brims with paintings by the Rolling Stones guitarist: not just glimpses of his life with the band, but still lifes, landscapes, and portraits.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“Ronnie Wood, best known as the longtime, guitar-playing sideman for the Rolling Stones, is also a talented visual artist… In his new book, Ronnie Wood: Artist, the rock and roller shows off 377 of his works, including watercolors of his bandmates as well as acrylics of some of his well-known contemporaries.”

— Parade

Russia: A Concise History


“Ronald Hingley copes with the complexities and the vastness with admirable clarity.”

— The Times [London]

“No better introduction to this restless and turbulent country.”

— The Yorkshire Post

A School of Dolphins


“Avery writes with impressive expertise…the color illustrations are splendidly enjoyable…the pictures tie in perfectly with the text.”

— Library Journal

The Scientists: An Epic of Discovery


“The human face of scientific breakthroughs from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries is spotlit in this sumptuously illustrated volume. Science writer Andrew Robinson, editing contributions from a stellar team of authors, groups 43 greats into six broad areas: Universe, Earth, Molecules and Matter, Inside the Atom, Life, and Body and Mind. From Alan Turing and Marie Curie to William Harvey and Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman, this is a sampler of the driven, complex, fascinating characters who fomented scientific revolutions.”

— Nature

“This excellent celebration of the evolution of science over the centuries should be of broad interest to scientists and non-scientists alike—it will also be a wonderful stimulus to young people thinking about a career in science.”

— David J. Weatherall The Lancet

“Short biographies of scientists through the ages, from Copernicus to Watson and Crick, illustrate where new ideas and discoveries come from.”

— Science News

“An amazing book, magnificently covering the grand sweep of scientific endeavor. With each discovery, our vision shifts; the world seems renewed.”

— San Francisco Book Review

A Sea Voyage


“A lovely nautical excursion that brings a ship-in-a-bottle intricacy to each page. Moody seascapes that wouldn’t be out of place on a vintage watercolor tin spring to life in elegant pop-ups as Lo Monaco showcases six sea vessels, including a lifeboat, caravel, tall ship, and ocean liner. Brief accompanying rhymes have the air of sung chanteys, and background details about the boats’ origins, feats, and specifications are included.”

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History


“Think selfies are a new phenomenon? Think again. In Hall’s cultural history of self-portraiture, you’ll find everyone from Michelangelo to Titian to Cindy Sherman.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“[A] splendidly written and valuable study of one of the most psychologically revealing genres in art history.”

— Gallery & Studio

“Knowing why artists like Rembrandt and Courbet [created self-portraits] is at the heart of art historian James Hall’s book…Hall’s writing is not only accessible for a general audience, but filled with notable insights, including spicy, prurient ones.”

— The Daily Beast

“James Hall’s brilliant book …traces the evolution and aesthetic development of the form, from Flemish painter Jan van Eyck to Diego Velázquez’s ‘Las Meninas.’”

— Al Jazeera America

“The variety of expression on display here is amazing…Hall carefully unpacks the portraits …with anecdotes and histories that bring a new understanding to a vital part of artistic endeavor.”

— The Commercial Dispatch

“Hall shows that the creation of self-portraits is a deep-rooted aspect of the creative impulse.”

— Art Eyewitness

“Art historian James Hall examines the genre of self-portraiture from the Middle Ages to the present, contextualizing the tradition in relation to the cultural climate of its time. This clear, well-researched book is an exceptional choice for everyone from the general reader to the expert in art history.”

— Library Journal

“A lovely object in itself…The text is informative and accessible.”

— Portland Book Review

“Features major artists, mostly European, exhibiting themselves in a variety of modes, mostly pictorial, all complemented by effective, descriptive passages in well-wrought prose…Recommended.”

— Choice

“James Hall provides a lively cultural interpretation of the genre from the Middle Ages to today. But rather than provide a series of ‘greatest hits,’ he is more concerned with the reasons why artists create self-portraits.”

— The Weekly Standard

“While numerous texts have been written about many of the individual artists (and their self-portraits) the scope of the text is unique…[The] inclusion of lesser known artists and media is one of the strengths of Hall’s research, and the historic context provided demonstrates his extensive knowledge.”

— ARLIS/NA Reviews

“This broad cultural survey…shows us how art inspired by the artist's own image has been part of our tradition for centuries…Beautifully illustrated.”

— Professional Artist

“Hall intelligently and succinctly analyzes centuries of cultural history, and if the book doesn't much suggest where we're going, it does an exceptional job of pointing out where we've been.”

— Santa Barbara Independent

Shakespeare Cats


“If you like Shakespeare and love cats, then Shakespeare Cats is a must have for your coffee table…The artwork is awesome and the cats are impressive.”

— Portland Book Review