Magnum Manifesto


“Magnum Manifesto collects more than 500 images made by the collective's members. It also presents documents pulled from its archives, dating from the collective’s founding to the present. The project celebrates the images that have embodied its mission and reveals that the collective has struggled with how to proceed right from the start. The photographs are organized chronologically and grouped into sections that correspond roughly to themes: human rights, identity, and political change. The documents reproduced in the book include the company's 1947 Certificate of Incorporation, which states that the agency's purpose is, among other tasks…"to carry on the business of photography."”

— Rebecca Robertson Photo District News

“A feast of trenchant, often-wrenching imagery drawn from the organization’s vast archives.”

— Choice

Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics


“Visually stunning but also meticulously researched, this book has something for casual manga fans and serious art students alike. Most of the book’s pages are devoted to more than 1,000 full-color reproductions of comic art representing a wide range of periods, styles, and genres.”

— Booklist

Manolo Blahnik Drawings


“Manolo Blahník's shoes are as good as sex…and they last longer.”

— Madonna

“Divided by decade, from the 1970s to the 2000s, the collection is diverse and fun, and as documentary as a museum catalogue. It should appeal to any fashionista or design aficionado anyone with a sense of shoes as art.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A must-read for any Manolo maniac.”

— Riviera

Mapping It Out: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartographies


“The collection is stunning in its breadth: Renderings of imagined utopian lands, ideas, scientific phenomena, human migration and—simply—the unmappable all reveal the political and playful impulses in mapmaking.”

— Departures

“A collection of dazzling and provocative alternative maps that will make you rethink the world we live in.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“A magnificent compendium…The volume’s greatest gift and highest point of differentiation is, in fact, precisely the sensibility for which Obrist is known and celebrated—the cross-pollination of disciplines, which invites the various fields to enrich one another.”

— Brain Pickings

“Brings artistry and imagination back into mapmaking…The result is a visually arresting volume filled with works by the likes of Yoko Ono, Matthew Barney, Ed Ruscha, and Gilbert and George.”

— Fast Co.DESIGN

“This collection …prompts questions about what defines a map, and also about the notion of any map being definitive. It’s an open-ended invitation to see the world afresh.”

— Passport

Mark Wallinger


“A complex, multivalent oeuvre that is at once engaging and accessible …”

— Choice

“A new monograph … lists 15 unrealized projects.”

— ARTnews

Martha & Me


“Martha, a redheaded child who loves to draw, paints a lion. It leaps off the paper, asks for lunch, and explores its surroundings… Nina Wehrle and Evelyne Laube, the Swiss illustration duo behind this story, draw reality and fantasy in competing styles. The real objects appear in clinically precise black-and-white line drawings, while the lion is rendered in a loose, inky wash with red, yellow, and blue accents. Clashes between the two worlds animate many of the spreads. Did Martha create the lion or merely issue an invitation to a creature that already existed? Either way, its energy personifies the creative impulse, wild and ungovernable.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Engaging… Vintage appeal comes across in the limited palette of primary and secondary colors contrasted with black-and-white line drawings. The lilting rhyming text is read-aloud friendly for preschoolers, while early elementary school children who dream of bringing their fantasy worlds to life with a brush or pencil will also enjoy the story. Fans of Danny and the Dinosaur will appreciate this fanciful friendship tale that is likely to prompt a ‘read it again’ response from young children.”

— School Library Journal

Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away


“[The book’s events] showcase Druvert’s laser-cut silhouette illustrations, which feature remarkably intricate replications of ironwork, constellations, cityscapes, and more.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A memorable showcase for a talented paper artist. Silhouettes, both printed and laser-cut, add sparkle to a quick tour of London sites and starry skies conducted by Mary Poppins. The black, cut pages are designed to be flipped back and forth to fill in printed cityscapes, marine scenes, and speckled firmaments with fine detail.”

— Kirkus Reviews

Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking


“Beautifully illustrated…would raise the horological IQ of your coffee table collection more than a few points”

— International Wrist Watch

“The kind of read you don’t want to put down too often, the kind you’re tempted to sit up in bed with for a night of anecdote and insight. Brings beautifully to life the fabulous creations of watchmakers”

— Qantas Magazine

“Clerizo has an ear for the lively anecdote and colorful detail. Lavishly illustrated”

— Watch Time

“This lavishly illustrated book takes the reader beneath the exquisite faces of these handsome objects and shows the even more exquisite nests of springs, gears, flywheels and escapements that make them tick.”


“Takes readers into the minds and workshops of the most celebrated modern watchmakers of our era…. Full of lush photos and watches to lust after.”

— Cool Hunting Gift Guide

Material Innovation: Architecture


“Approachable…Both Dent and Sherr balance their respective sides of material expertise and brand consulting to create a collection of buildings representing the best use of a particular material in a creative way.”

— Architect: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects

“From cutting-edge technological advances to novel applications of tried-and-true methodologies, co-authors Andrew Dent, Ph.D, and Leslie Sherr present a well-curated selection of materials in an impressive series of highly visual, broadly informative compendia.”

— Core 77

“Offers a wealth of cutting-edge, creative ideas for manipulating material technology…Recommended.”

— Choice

Material Innovation: Product Design


“An inspiring survey of existing materials and their applications as well as a comprehensive reference guide.”

— Cool Hunting

“From cutting-edge technological advances to novel applications of tried-and-true methodologies, co-authors Andrew Dent, Ph.D, and Leslie Sherr present a well-curated selection of materials in an impressive series of highly visual, broadly informative compendia.”

— Core 77

The Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals


“Every designer should own a copy of this source book… Flipping through it is like taking a trip around the world and being exposed to the collective creative mind of hundreds and hundreds of designers who have reached the pinnacle of the art of design-the integration of material into forms that also achieve exquisite function at the highest levels. I simply love this book and highly recommend it. A must-have for any designer's library.”

— Innovation Magazine

Matisse in the Barnes Foundation: 3 Vol. Set


Matisse in the Barnes Foundation is an 181-pound, 3-volume set with more than 600 sumptuous color reproductions [and] may be one of the most gorgeous coffee-table books you will ever own. As it happens, Matisse in the Barnes Foundation is much more than a pretty face. Once you’ve read the 90,000-word essay by Yve-Alain Bois, as well as the insightful commentaries on all the paintings by independent art historians Claudine Grammont and Karen K. Butler, you may never see the former Fauve’s art the same way again. If you can’t make it to Philadelphia, you couldn’t ask for a better guide to Matisse’s work than this three-volume set devoted to one of the modern period’s greats.”

— Artnews