The Illustrated Dust Jacket, 1920-1970


“Salisbury’s book shows that the greatest jackets tint our experiences of the books they grace. He guides us with easy authority through a delightful graphic history of all-too-often underappreciated literary pleasures and reminds readers just how much wonderful art they may have hidden away on their shelves. For those who never paused to think much about jackets, this book will be a revelation. For those who do, it will be nothing less than a thrill.”

— The Washington Post

“Vivid, gorgeous art graced books in the mid-20th century, and Martin Salisbury has collected the most stunning examples in The Illustrated Dust Jacket, 1920-1970.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“I had not come across the majority of the exceptional specimens in Martin Salisbury’s The Illustrated Dust Jacket 1920–1970. His book is organized by designer and contains a wealth of mostly English and a few American designers whose work is as beautiful as it rare. I’ve spent the better part of two months poring over every jacket and have not regretted a moment.”

— Steven Heller Print Magazine

The Illustrated Dust Jacket, 1920-1970 by Martin Salisbury, chronicles how this once disposable object became a major creative force in publishing.”

— Hyperallergic

“Lushly illustrated, Salisbury’s exciting visual history showcases the work of Edward Gorey, Vanessa Bell, Alvin Lustig, and many others.”

— Fine Books Magazine

An Illustrated History of Interior Decoration: From Pompeii to Art Nouveau


“Illustrated is an understatement; Praz uses 400 pieces of art to present his 1982 history of furniture and decorations from olden days to modern times. An unusual but interesting history of the subject.”

— Library Journal

“A legend…a richness of literary and cultural detail.”

— Vogue

“A lush, captivating book, overflowing with sumptuous illustrations.”

— Chicago Tribune

“A most wondrous treasure trove…The entertaining and scholarly…its interest is almost inexhaustible.”

— House & Garden

“Delightful yet erudite…perhaps the most charming lesson on interiors ever written.”

— Washington Post

“The true subject is not interior decoration but ruminations and memories, the visions and fancies, prompted by paintings of interiors.”

— New York Review of Books

“The sweep and quality of [Praz’s] mind raises this book far above the level of most others on this well-explored topic.”

— New York Post

Image Makers, Image Takers


“Stands apart among collections of contemporary photography …an essential insight into working methods.”

— Wallpaper*

“This is exciting stuff, spotlighting the inner workings of high-profile photography…Recommended.”

— Library Journal

“A neat, unique book that truly delves into the minds of working photographers of all types.”

— Picture Magazine

“The discerning reader cannot help but come away inspired—and excited—to pick up a camera and go out to see what they can find.”

— Communication Arts

In My View: Personal Reflections on Art by Today's Leading Artists


“Modernism often puts the emphasis on breaking with art from the past, but these contemporary artists acknowledge, and delight in, the artistic affinities they share with older artworks…Fascinating.”

— Art New England

“[The] book reframes famous art historical canon in terms of the attitudes, desires, and culture of today.”

— Choice

In the Woods


“Ms. Rowe’s prose is simple, sweet, and full of sparkle that keeps children smiling until the very end… Use this book to open discussions about friendships, helping others, team work, improvising, or simply finding ways to be happy.”

— Picture Book Depot

In Whose Name?: The Islamic World after 9/11


“A sprawling survey of contemporary Islamic culture…. A book like this is a chance to forge something thoughtful and lasting out of events that flashed by as confusing headlines. The photos here are presented with care and avoid the clichés of news coverage.”

— Photo District News

The Incas


“…a strong pick for any intrigued with ancient cultures and their civilizations.”

— The Midwest Review of Books

“Highly recommended for students, travelers, lecturers, and researchers.”

— Colonial Latin American Historical Review

“The authors make creative use of ethnohistoric and archaeological source materials, providing an original interpretation of Inca imperial strategies …highly recommended.”

— Choice

“The book will appeal to general readers and students of the Inca alike, for it conveniently summarizes some of the latest interpretations on Inca religion, statecraft, quipus (knotted string recording devices), city planning, material culture, and administration. Highly Recommended.”

— Choice

The Incas


“A lively, deeply informed and highly readable account of the last great empire of pre-Columbian South America.”

— Gary Urton, Harvard University

The Independent Design Guide


“A comprehensive review of innovative emerging design trends.”

— Reference and Research Book News

“Original, unusual, contemporary, deconstructive, and functional. Will inspire creativity and motivate readers to expand their imagination”

— School Arts Magazine

India: A Short History


“Materials from the author’s own prolific earlier work on the yet undeciphered Indus valley writing system, on Rabindranath Tagore, and on the life and films of Satyajit Ray add depth to this overview.”

— Choice

“Andrew Robinson tackles this country of incredible depth with a primer that stylishly takes readers from the roots of Indian civilization up through today…India provides travelers with an essential introduction to the land and its people.”

— Virtuoso Life

“In this engrossing read, Robinson examines the broad sweep of Indian-subcontinent history, distilling four millennia into 200 pages. An excellent introduction to the subcontinent’s history.”

— Library Journal

“Pithy, admirable…Robinson is at his best when dealing with India's earlier history. Compressing 4,000 years into 200 pages proves a tall order and leads him to reserve nearly half the book for the BC(E) millennia.  But he here picks his way with assurance and insight.”

— John Keay The Times Literary Supplement

“Robinson aims to navigate the middle passage between polarities, negative and positive, while promoting better understanding of the Indian civilization.”

— Protoview

Indigo: The Color that Changed the World


“[Legrand] uses her book to tell the story of our emotional attachment to garments and deep connection to color and craft.”

— Home Design with Kevin Sharkey,

“Legrand …writes with enthusiasm about the history of this shade and its evolution.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“A sumptuous new book.”

— House Beautiful

“Diverse images of people at work convey the enormous range of conditions in which indigo dyeing takes place.”

— Surface Design Journal

“A visual feast of 550 images offers textile details, proud locals wearing their garments, and process shots illustrating how the dyeing is done.”

— Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot

“This sumptuous book can be appreciated on all levels: a history of the production and trade of dyes and textiles; an anthropology of textile production; and a stunning visual catalog of the international production of cloth colored with the blue dye, indigotin.”

— The Art Blog

Indoor Green: Living with Plants


“This enlivening exploration will inspire even the most timid of indoor plant lovers, providing a fresh look at an affordable type of gardening that both beautifies a home and expands the soul.”

— Publisher's Weekly

An Inner Silence: The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson


“The pose reflects nothing so much as motion stilled for a moment—and thereby, once caught on film, for an eternity.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“The master of the ‘decisive moment’ brought the same ability to capture the essence of a situation to his portraiture.”

— Black and White

“Cartier-Bresson set out to unmask mysteries—the mystery of a photograph, of a human being who happened to be his subject that day and, perhaps, even of human connection itself.”

— Photo-Eye

“Highly recommended for all libraries.”

— Library Journal

Introduction to Islam: Beliefs and Practices in Historical Perspective


“Since 9/11, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of texts focusing on Islam and Muslims in the contemporary world, but high-quality references (like this one) are always a welcome addition…Recommended for high school students, undergraduate introductory courses on Islam, and general readers interested in the subject … ”

— Library Journal