George Condo: Painting Reconfigured


“Thoughtful writing and a generous selection of reproductions introduce a provocative artist who is less well known by modern art enthusiasts to a new audience. A thorough survey of Condo’s long career with perceptive essays describing each of the artist’s distinct modes of working, such as “artificial realism,” “unedited human disasters,” and “figurative abstractions.”

— Library Journal

“beautiful volume…Baker is dextrous in examining Condo as an artist who is actively seeking out expressive possibilities associated with the dynamic visual exploration of his own individual aesthetic experiences and also creatively engaging with a history of art fractured by isolationist, stylistic classifications.”

— Choice

George Daniels: A Master Watchmaker & His Art


“Presents a comprehensive and fitting tribute to a great watchmaker, a fascinating personality, a great figure of the modern era and one who won’t be soon forgotten.”

— Watch Journal

“Each watch is painstakingly detailed by author …Michael Clerizo in his new book …that relates Daniels’s life and work in a fascinating and extremely well-illustrated must-read for anyone who enjoys mechanical watches.”

— International Watch

“Clerizo supplements a detailed, chronological narrative of Daniels’ life with 138 high-gloss color pages of the man’s numerous awe-inspiring made-by-hand watches. The large, coffee-table format book is one that almost any watch enthusiast will find hard to put down.”

— Perpétuelle

The Global Art Compass: New Directions in 21st Century Art


“Anyone seeking an overview of many current trends in the art world will be stimulated by this book.”

— Library Journal

“Instead of relying on a singular perspective on the state of contemporary art, Hicks interviews a host of international artists to map out commonly shared views and interests.”

— Art in America

“Hicks takes us on a world tour of contemporary art, offering lively confessions and insider’s counsel along the way.”

— Art Desk

Gods of the Greeks


“It most emphatically must be the book that many have long waited for.”

— Stephen Spender

“Learned, admirably documented, exhaustive.”

— The Times Literary Supplement

Gordon Parks


“Explores a major American photographer crossing cultural, political and social divides with sophistication, sensitivity and style.”

— TIME LightBox

“[A] visually rich collection of work by one of history’s most eloquent and successful African American artists.  A recent addition to Thames & Hudson’s award-winning Photofile series of compact, affordable, but lavishly reproduced monographs, this newly introduced collection is an astonishing achievement.”

— Rangefinder

Graffiti and Street Art


“Rather than being a concise history, this volume functions primarily as visual analysis of the contemporary street art movement.”

— Choice

“Well researched…quotations from firsthand interviews, numerous illustrations, and a list of websites bear out [the author’s] investigation.”

— Choice

Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual


“Its aim is not only to educate …gives …insight into the practical and theoretical aspects of graffiti.”

— Complex: Art & Design

“This in-depth volume supplies readers with a lion’s share of knowledge on the often-marginalized art form of graffiti.”

— School Library Journal

“Public perception of graffiti has changed radically in the past 50 years. Here now is a textbook to teach students not only the history of graffiti, but also how to create it.”

— Public Art Review

The Grammar of Spice


The Grammar of Spice is one of the world’s missing books. It will change the way we understand spices and the role they play in defining not only our food but also our place in the world… The book is beautiful to look at and hold, packed with well-researched material, and will change the way a generation appreciates the incredible world of flavors and tastes that spices open up to us.”

— Books about Food

“Featuring custom illustrations for each of the more than sixty spices featured here… this beautifully illustrated, impressively, informative book, exceptionally well organized and presented volume celebrates the world of flavors that spices open up to us… Unreservedly recommended for personal and professional cookbook collections, no community library cookbook collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of a copy of Caz Hildebrand's The Grammar of Spice.”

— Midwest Book Review

The Granny Alphabet


“With its array of octogenarian subjects clad in nubby cardigans, sensible shoes, croc handbags and whimsical hats — not to mention a still life of fake teeth and the pattern from a plastic polka-dotted rain bonnet used as the book’s endpaper — The Granny Alphabet takes a droll view on aging.”

— The New York Times

“A sweet two-volume tribute to grandmothers.”

— New York Daily News

“Photographer and artist Tim Walker turns his kooky eye toward a subject close to everyone’s heart…A celebration of the surreal styling and over-the-top scenes for which Walker has gained a cultish following.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

“Walker photographs real grandmothers with their most prized possessions, and the results are whimsical and surprisingly compelling.”


“Though photo shoots with grannies might seem a reach for a fashion photographer, subject and artist turn out to be a surprisingly good fit…Walker’s work is at its most playful and opulent, with images of bubblegum pink dentures next to a pink-walled bathroom; a nana reclining among towering hat boxes; another dressed to the nines in a faux puma coat.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Now, according to the new book, The Granny Alphabet, [Tim] Walker has chosen to pay homage to ‘the dying breed of little old ladies who live down the lane.’”

— Fast Co.Create

“A tribute to gray-haired glamazons everywhere.”

— Fast Co.Design

“The charmingly dotty ‘Granny Alphabet’ …introduces a parade of willfully eccentric old ladies”

— The New York Times

“An ode to …the beauty and clarity of old age.”

— Portland Book Review

“A playful look at aging and frailty.”

— Library Journal

Grayson Perry


“With an articulate, insightful text and large color photographs, Klein (an art historian with a contemporary focus) places this eccentric, controversial British artist and his art into cultural and historical perspective.”

— Choice

The Great Archaeologists


“Unique in not only its scope, but also its presentation of varying personal fortunes and unique contributions to the field.”

— Ancient History Encyclopedia

“Accessible and often entertaining…Offers a useful overview of the development of archaeology…Recommended.”

— Choice

The Great Archaeologists presents an incomparable survey of the discipline.”

— Crave

The Great Builders


“The writing …is uniformly accessible and intelligently distills major achievements.”

— Choice

“This book contains much well-known information, but its historical architectural continuum could inspire architecture, engineering, and construction students.”

— Library Journal

“The study fascinates most when detailing dreams deferred—for example, Schinkel’s unbuilt Crimean palace for Tsarina Alexandra and the 'Plan for Tokyo' by Kenzo Tange that’s hard to fathom.”

— Architect Magazine

The Great Cities in History


“The book is packed with such savory detail, relayed by writers and historians who appear to eat, sleep and breathe their cities.”

— Tunku Varadarajan The Wall Street Journal

“[T]his collection stimulates serious reflection.”

— Booklist

“Accessible, well indexed…this is not simply a reference work; the essays on each city and on each historical age are worth close reading. Highly recommended.”

— Choice

“A careful historian’s vision of a man’s metropolitan history. There are 68 cities here included. Each is accorded a short chapter written by contributors…. The cities under discussion range from the primordial Uruk to modern monsters like Sao Paulo, taking in, along the way, a host of conurbations from the ancient, the medieval, and the early modern periods… Packed with such savory detail, relayed by writers and historians who appear to eat, sleep and breathe their cities.”

— The Wall Street Journal

Great Discoveries in Medicine


“This book is engrossing, informative and leaves you appreciating the era in which we now live …”

— Portland Book Review

“A striking and informative history, this book should be the go-to gift for many medical professionals this holiday season.”

— Library Journal


— Choice

“From the Battle of Bull Run to Seal Team 6 armchair historians have a wide range of really great gifts this year.”

— Portland Book Review

Greek Art


“[Greek Art’s] strength lies in that it dispels old, incorrect, and widely held notions dating from the time of the European Renaissance about Greek art… The attention to detail that Boardman imparts to each facet of ancient Greek art will further facilitate an enhanced and enriched discussion about the culture and society that produced some of the world’s most iconic and beloved works of art in and outside classrooms.”

— Ancient History Encyclopedia