Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography


“To our good fortune, the sensual and surreal themes that drive this bold, award-winning publication have recently been distilled into a hefty large-format collection.”

— Rangefinder

“A must-have for anyone interested in photography.”

— Lurzer’s International Archive

“A staggering volume of imagery…Dreams, memory, mystery, and other intangibles are the common traits that unite the magic found in the pages of Eyemazing.”

— Feature Shoot

Family Photography Now


“[An] amazing book… Brilliantly selected, edited, and arranged, these exceptional photographs around a fascinating subject both universal and singularly personal will attract anyone who appreciates photography as art.”

— Library Journal

“A global and authentic family album”


famous: Through the Lens of the Paparazzi


“This collection of black-and-white images—capturing the likes of Grace Kelly, Michael Jackson, and Kate Moss—offers a sneak peek into the lives of the famous.”

— Lifestyle Mirror

“Amid today’s proliferation of celebrity candids, Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain’s images of Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Kate Moss and others stand out as trenchant statements on fame.”

— Time Magazine

“400 color illustrations demonstrate the use of innovative digital technology by artists.”

— Choice

“Reveals an era of celebrity when the paparazzi still used film and pushed the medium to its limits.”

— THE Magazine

“These images changed the approach to street photography and photojournalism as it was known previously…modern paparazzi can only hope to compare.”

— The Photo Review

Farewell to the Muse: Love, War and the Women of Surrealism


“Set within a vividly realized historical context, steeped in psychological perceptions, and richly illustrated, Chadwick’s unique look at the women of surrealism deepens our understanding of the movement and the lives of women artists in a time of chaos and catastrophic war. She channels the intensity of these courageous and radical women in stories of astonishing resiliency, camaraderie, complicated love, and creative synergy.”

— Booklist

Farewell to the Muse is an absorbing story…full of tantalizing, borderline lascivious, yet essential detail. It is a book particularly suited to this moment of re-evaluation of the contributions of women in myriad fields. Chadwick’s account… goes a long way to explaining Surrealism. No wonder artists developed unconventional, often dark images, when they lived in a world of shifting social mores, economic uncertainty and, most insidious of all, war on an inescapable, global scale.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

Fashion China


“The first major illustrated book on [China’s] contemporary fashion scene…from Dior atelier-trained Huishan Zhang, whose silk organza qipao now lives at the Victoria & Albert Museum, to Fan Bingbing’s stylist turned couturier Christopher Bu.”


“Features 41 design talents from China, including eveningwear specialist Guo Pei, Uma Wang’s voluminous silhouettes and designers—such as Huishan Zhang—who have moved from China to make their mark on foreign markets.”


“The first comprehensive, English-language book about Chinese fashion …looks at 41 unique design talents from China—including Guo Pei, Uma Wang and Huishan Zhang.”

— Fashion Times

“This is a first of its kind book that captures the status of contemporary Chinese fashion as it moves away from its reputation as a mere manufacturing base to a dynamic centre of thriving original fashion & design…Over 280 featured illustrations reveal the unique nature of Chinese fashion today that encompasses opulent couture and street chic, and finds inspiration in art and culture.”

— Blouin Lifestyle

Fashion Designers at the Opera


“Presents more than 200 images, including a trove of sketches.”

— Los Angeles Times

“The images are fantastic…you get the feeling some of the designers would prefer this work to their real jobs.”


“What makes Fashion Designers at the Opera particularly winning is the designers’ unanimous enthusiasm.”

— Opera News

“[This book] is a tome bursting with inspired costumes designed for the world’s best stages by fashion bigwigs. It is illustrated with scores of luscious original sketches…and dazzling performance photos.”

— Design New England

Fashion Photography Next


“Works by 30 up-and-comers—from Daniel Jackson’s color-saturated, hyperreal images to Ruvan Wijesooriya documentary-like black and whites—you need to know.”

— Elle

“Any collection strong in either fashion or photography will welcome this avant garde collection.”

— Midwest Book Review

The Fashion Resource Book: Men


“If you’re looking to learn more about menswear and its history, The Fashion Resource Book: Men is a great start.”

— The Cuff Link

“An insightful primer detailing the history of menswear and offering a guide to designing men’s fashion…Leach’s authority on fashion research and design permeates the book.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Firmly rooted in the here and now …a snapshot of early-21st-century men’s fashion companies and trends. Heavy on the illustrations, which are informative and attractive…Recommended.”

— Choice

Fashion Scandinavia: Contemporary Cool


“Gundtoft’s thoughtfully edited collection of designers—from recently established ateliers like Beate Godager, to runway darling Peter Jensen—offer an engaging look at influential childhood experiences, brand development, and inspirational cues. …[An] impressive foray into the minds and souls of these artists.”

— Publishers Weekly

“The designers and houses here range from Finnish stalwart Merimekko to newcomers such as Louise Sigvardt of Denmark and Maris Nordstrom of Sweden.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“That the designers may present themselves visually here is significant, giving them the agency that so many critics, commentators, and fashion historians do not. Both approaches are useful, but this collaboration feels fresh [and] subtle.”

— Worn Through

The Fashion Swatch Book


“Strik[es] a delicate balance between being a glossary and a pictorial delight… A panoply of patterns, colors, materials, and textures greets the eye, with key contemporary designs by the likes of Matthew Williamson, David Koma, Giles Deacon and Christopher Kane.”

— Schön Magazine

“The close-up photos of fabrics are marvelous; you feel as if you could touch them.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“Beautiful. The high-quality photography conveys not only the colors but the textures of the fabrics as well… Will serve as a very engaging resource for textile and fashion students and professionals…Recommended.”

— Choice

Fine Jewelry Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms


“The designers chosen for this book push the boundaries of their imagination and experiment with a variety of materials yet always with attention to unparalleled craftsmanship, attention to detail and the type of jewels that are current and relevant and will be for the next generation.”

— Bejeweled Magazine

Firecrackers: Female Photographers Now


“The book brings together the work of more than thirty of the most talented contemporary female photographers worldwide.”

— North Carolina Modernist Houses

“The collection includes photographs and profiles of 33 photographers from around the world… The result is a snapshot of global photographic practices, which drives home the diversity of female perspectives.”

— Photo District News

“Populated with dozens of talented photographers…Firecrackers is much more than just a compilation of works by female photographers. It’s a unique collection of storytelling, both literal and aesthetic.”

— Hyperallergic

The First North Americans: An Archaeological Journey


“A good introduction to the subject.”

— The Guardian

“A masterful tapestry of diverse pre-Columbian Native North American societies, life, and history…An extraordinarily enjoyable work for layperson and student alike.”

— Christopher Carr, Arizona State University

Flora: The Art of Jewelry


“This is a charming little book that reveals how flowers have long been a source of inspiration for jewelers…The authors, well-known jewelry experts and historians, examine remarkable designs that celebrate flowers and nature in this book.”

— Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts

The Floral Patterns of India


“Extraordinary… This volume pairs large, clear photographs with painstakingly rich illustrations, rendering a much more thorough understanding of floral patterns and ornament in Indian architectural design.”

— Library Journal

“Beautifully photographed by [Henry] Wilson himself, the publication is likely to provide plenty of decor inspiration.”


“The breathtaking compilation of whimsical and ornate floral designs proves both inspirational and informative….will pull you into the mystique of India.”


“Beautifully photographed by [Henry] Wilson himself, the publication is likely to provide plenty of decor inspiration.”


“The breathtaking compilation of whimsical and ornate floral designs proves both inspirational and informative….will pull you into the mystique of India.”