Who's the Biggest?

Delphine Chedru


Is the bear smaller than the mountain? Is the kitten bigger than the ball? Find out in Delphine Chedru’s wonderfully illustrated book for preschoolers. The text invites children to chime in with who they think is bigger, and is a perfect stepping stone for kids on the brink of learning to read. The bright, graphic illustrations will catch the attention of children and parents alike and have everyone shouting for joy when they find out who’s the biggest.


Bold pictures and simple language help beginning readers (or wannabe readers) discover the answer to the title question… Chedru tucks an additional lesson into her simple concept with the use of various evocative verbs… Perfectly targeted to preschoolers.

— Kirkus Reviews


Delphine Chedru


Delphine Chedru is a graphic designer, author, and illustrator who lives and works in Paris. She is the author of more than thirteen books for children, including the bestselling This or That?.