Travellers' Tales Bags Unpacked

Bertil Scali, Louis Vuitton

This deluxe illustrated volume brings together tales of the world’s most celebrated owners of Louis Vuitton luggage.


From heiresses to actors, aristocrats to pop stars, writers, composers, dancers, and designers, Travellers’ Tales features the personalities who have traveled through the modern era, by plane, train, or car, accompanied by the iconic luggage that defines good taste: Louis Vuitton.

Every traveler has a tale to tell and every bag reveals a personal secret about its owner. In her canvas Louis Vuitton bag, Greta Garbo never kept more than a pair of blue espadrilles, flannel pajamas, and some jars of her favorite jam. (But she did have a trunk made especially for her seventy pairs of Ferragamo shoes.) Ernest Hemingway, who owned and lost several Vuitton trunks, rediscovered in 1957 notes for a novel that he’d left in a trunk at the Paris Ritz some thirty years earlier. Richard Burton made sure that Elizabeth Taylor was well supplied with Louis Vuitton trunks (as well as furs and jewels) through both of their marriages; in fact, the trunks outlasted her next two husbands as well.

Pierre Le-Tan’s illustrations perfectly complement Bertil Scali’s entertaining portraits, unpacking the famous subjects and their bags for all to enjoy.


A tribute to Louis Vuitton's iconic trunks and a collection of 53 capsule biographies of famous voyagers-told, in part, through their luggage. The mammoth volume is interwoven with vintage Vuitton advertisements and ephemera, but the real highlights are the watercolor illustrations by Pierre Le-Tan, who renders each traveler in fond, finely observed detail.

— Travel + Leisure

Rich with both illustrations and eccentric, non-luggage-related details, not to mention old advertisements that are printed on onion skin, the formidable, 4-pound book is like a trunk full of postcards from all over the globe.

— The Wall Street Journal


Bertil Scali


Louis Vuitton