The Crown Jewels

Anna Keay


Often called “the finest jewelry collection in the world,” the crown jewels were created to be the physical embodiment of English sovereignty. This collector’s edition of The Crown Jewels features a specially bound copy of Anna Keay’s book together with a facsimile of Joseph Robins’s panoramic representation of Queen Victoria’s 1838 coronation procession in Westminster Abbey.

The two books are presented together in a striking gift box. The fold-out panorama is four inches high by ten feet long, and it depicts Queen Victoria and other principal participants in the coronation ceremony in procession through the Abbey. The original copy, held in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, would have been published as a souvenir in the days preceding photography and has never before been reproduced.


Anna Keay


Anna Keay was a curator at the Tower of London and now works at English Heritage. Her books include The Magnificent Monarch, The Elizabethan Tower of London, and The Crown Jewels.