Standing with Stones A Photographic Journey through Megalithic Britain and Ireland

Rupert Soskin

From the southernmost tip of Cornwall to the far Scottish isles, a wonderful variety of ancient stone monuments still exists in Britain and Ireland, and this book guides the reader to over one hundred of them.


Some megalithic sites, like Stonhenge and Newgrange, are well researched and often visited, while others, such as Fernworthy and Bleasdale, are barely known. From stone circles and henges to long barrows and cairns, our distant ancestors adapted and shaped their monuments to all environments, leaving us the tantalizing signs of their long-forgotten lives.


Reading the accompanying text for each site is like being led by a trustworthy tour guide, which the author has indeed often been. He does not try to drown you in facts but tells you how to get to each site, what to look for while there, and what to keep in mind about it.

— New Age Retailer


Rupert Soskin


A much-published nature and travel photographer, Rupert Soskin lectures and has led groups to visit ancient sites and natural wonders in Britain and abroad. He currently lives in France.