Stained Glass Masterpieces of the Modern Era

Xavier Barral, Andres Gamboa


Some see stained glass as the art of painting in space; to others, it is a way of transforming light into a play of colors and images. Stained glass windows allow the shaping and blending of light within architectural spaces. Color, texture, transparency, design, and composition are all elements that can be varied and explored to create new light effects and bring space to its full potential.

The twentieth century, with its architectural revolution in methods and materials, opened up new possibilities for stained glass. During the last thirty years, a great many projects have been created all over the world, in both new buildings and historical churches and institutions. Studies of this phenomenon have been rare until now, and this book is a pioneer in the survey of this fascinating field.

Xavier Barral i Altet is a lecturer in the history of art and former Director of the National Art Museum of Catalonia.


The book is a revelation.

— The Charlotte Observer


Xavier Barral


Xavier Barral is an Spanish art historian.

Andres Gamboa

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