Ron Mueck

Robert Storr, Justin Paton


For a major exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, Ron Mueck has created three new works, which will be shown alongside five other significant sculptures. Whether monumental or smaller than life, Mueck’s works create a tension between the real and the phantasmagorical world.

This book will serve as a record of the exhibition, but will also be a reference work covering his sculpture over twenty years. It features photographs of his emblematic works, spectacular exhibition views of the new works presented at the Fondation Cartier, and images taken in his studio and during installation. Analytical essays study his work from the perspective of classical and modern art history, and an interview with Mueck invites readers to discover the artist’s intimate universe.


The perfect way to delve deeper into Mueck’s career.

— Complex: Art & Design


Robert Storr


Robert Storr is an artist, critic, and curator.

Justin Paton


Justin Paton is a New Zealand writer and curator.