My Fashion Lookbook

Jacky Bahbout, Cynthia Merhej


Inspired by the hands-on, write-in, look-and-feel idea of a sketchbook, My Fashion Lookbook encourages children to think through, write up, and sketch out their own fashion ideas through a series of engaging questions and visual exercises. Here children follow the process of a real fashion designer to create their own collections. This includes finding inspiration; making a mood board; collecting examples; selecting colors and a defining silhouette; experimenting with fabrics, prints, and patterns; assembling a “lookbook” to show off the new creations; and organizing a runway show. Step by step, children sketch, collect, cut, and paste ideas into the book to build the designs for their own unique fashion collections.


Cynthia Merhej's illustrations have a cheerful, hand-drawn appeal, and deserve kudos for depicting natural figures and varying body shapes as models. This hands-on title is likely to be a wildly popular gift idea, a lesson-plan resource for teachers, or an art club selection for middle grade girls.

— School Library Journal


Jacky Bahbout


Jacky Bahbout’s previous children’s books include Make Art with Your Hands and Feet, Funny Face!, and My Fashion Lookbook. She lives in London.

Cynthia Merhej


Cynthia Merhej is studying illustration at the Royal College of Art.