Landscape and Garden Design Sketchbooks

Tim Richardson


Garden and landscape designers are adept at interpreting outdoor spaces and transforming them into creatively conceived environments. Their ideas rarely come spontaneously: rather, the thoughtful designer considers a space from different perspectives or for several seasons, working out spacing, planting, materials, and color schemes in detailed preparatory sketchbooks.

For this unique publication, Tim Richardson, Director of the acclaimed Chelsea Fringe gardening festival in London, has selected thirty-seven talented landscape designers who are notable for the immense energy and creativity of their preparatory work. The best samples from their personal sketchbooks are presented alphabetically, along with concise profiles on their training, inspirations, and process. From clear perspective drawings to more abstract, experimental compositions, and quick freehand squiggles on napkins to measured topographical mapping, many of which are works of art in their own right, Landscape and Garden Design Sketchbooks is an insightful, practical guide that allows a peek into the world of leading landscape designers.


“While computer programs are used by nearly all landscape architecture offices, this survey showcases the continuing value of sketching and drawing. Hundreds of illustrations range from doodles to elaborate colored renderings in mixed media. The talent on display is obvious, and many of the images qualify as art.”

— Library Journal


Tim Richardson


Tim Richardson directs the Chelsea Fringe gardening festival in London and is the former landscape editor at Wallpaper*, gardens editor at Country Life, and founding editor of New Eden.