Eve Arnold's People

Brigitte Lardinois, Isabella Rossellini, Anjelica Huston


This new collection features her exceptional photographs of people, both famous and unknown, captured in formal and informal settings. In addition to Arnold’s superb individual portraits of Monroe, Dietrich, Gable, Crawford, and more, there are a number of Photo Stories: visual essays made on assignment, including Malcolm X and the Black Muslims; her seminal work In China; and more.

The work is organized into three key periods: 1948-60, her early career, and becoming the first woman member of Magnum; 1961-70, when she moved to the UK and began working with color film; 1971-97, with assignments in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and beyond.


Lardinois…does a surpassingly good job of depicting Arnold's sweeping career and vision…an excellent source of inspiration and entertainment for anyone who fancies classic Hollywood celebrities or documentary photography.

— Library Journal

Well-selected and curated images combined with intimate commentary…. Inviting.

— The Photo Review

A half-century of American life… frames some of the photographer's best work.

— Vanity Fair


Brigitte Lardinois

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Brigitte Lardinois was Cultural Director at Magnum Photos London for more than ten years and is the editor of Magnum Magnum. She lives in London.

Isabella Rossellini

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Anjelica Huston

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