Art + Science Now

Stephen Wilson

“In the face of ridicule and cultural prejudice, the artists/scientists in this book show that good art and good science are not so very different, and that when they find their joint niche, their joining can make something powerful, interesting, and beautiful.” —The Art Book

In the twenty-first century, some of the most dynamic works of art are being produced not in the studio but in the laboratory, where artists probe cultural, philosophical, and social questions connected with cutting-edge scientific and technological research. Their work ranges across disciplines—microbiology, the physical sciences, information technologies, human biology and living systems, kinetics, and robotics—taking in everything from eugenics and climate change to artificial intelligence. Art + Science Now provides an overview of this new strand of contemporary art, showcasing the best international work. Featuring some 250 artists, it presents a broad range of projects, from body art to bioengineering of plants and insects, from computer-controlled video performances to large-scale visual and sound installations.


Stephen Wilson


Stephen Wilson was Professor of Conceptual and Information Arts at San Francisco State University. His previous publications include Using Computers to Create Art and Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology.