Animals on the Edge Reporting from the Frontline of Extinction

Chris Weston, Art Wolfe


Chris Weston and Art Wolfe are among the finest wildlife photographers at work today as well as being passionate advocates of wildlife conservation. This book features their stunning photographs of some sixty rare and endangered mammals across six continents, from the High Arctic to rain forest, steppe, and desert. The chapters are organized by region, and the photo captions detail each animal’s habits, habitat, and conservation status.

In his concise, compelling reports, Weston goes behind simplistic headlines of good versus evil, of innocent creatures assailed by greedy, selfish humans. Instead he investigates all sides of the story, talking to villagers, officials, scientists, poachers, hunters, and conservation workers. What becomes powerfully clear is the need for solutions that work for people as well as animals. The reasons that animals are endangered are many—from habitat destruction and illegal hunting to global warming—but there is one common factor: the conflict between animals and people sharing the same piece of land is intensifying.


A fascinating and beautiful collection of photographs and descriptions of mammals at risk of extinction…. Features over 60 different species, organized by region, and offers written details about each animal habitat, their risk of extinction and their daily habits.

— Picture Magazine

Offers a visual survey of rare and endangered mammals across six continents…Along with some 60 photographs are captions detailing each animal’s habits, habitat and conservation status.

— Outdoor Photographer

A combination photography and wildlife book discussing these critically endangered creatures…A fine coffee table book and a gift perfect for any concerned about the world’s fading species.

— Midwest Book Review

Remarkable evidence of a tremendous amount of patience and endurance. Colorful, close, and sad. The envy of amateur and professional nature photographers everywhere. An ideal addition for reading rooms or coffee tables.

— Choice

A very considered and persuasive program to go along with the equally powerful photography.

— Color Magazine


Chris Weston


Chris Weston, an English wildlife photographer and photo-journalist, is the author of more than fifteen photography books.

Art Wolfe


Based in Seattle, Art Wolfe has worked on every continent in hundreds of locations and has published more than forty-five books.