Cashmere: A French Passion 1800-1880


“Readers will be enchanted by the treasure trove of archival material and over 250 color illustrations.”

— At Home in Fairfield County

“For the fashion minded who enjoy a much more intellectual approach …The reproductions and the quality are superb.”

— New York Journal of Books

“The author is an expert on French cashmere shawls of the nineteenth century, and what a labor of love writing the text and assembling the wealth of illustrations must have been for her…The evolution of techniques, patterns, and popularity is indeed an esoteric discussion, but Lévi-Strauss’s enthusiasm buoys the text to meet the vibrancy of the full-color photographs capturing the shawls’ intricate details.”

— Booklist

“Say what you will about Napoleon, it was because of his campaigns that exquisite shawls, originally from Kashmir, were brought to Europe by the East India Company.”

— Woman Around Town

“A wide variety of shawls are featured here, with lavishly intricate and colorful patterns.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“Chronicles the French love affair with these exquisite textiles.”

— France Magazine

“Lévi-Strauss draws on years of extensive research in European museums, private collections, and archives…Recommended.”

— Choice

“Beautiful. The textured cover, the multitude of photographs and illustrations, and the fascinating history of these shawls make this a book that draws the textile lover into its depths.”

— Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyeport

Cats Galore: A Compendium of Cultured Cats


“These new cat and art mash-ups are purrrfect…The British painter captures the mood of each of the original works so eloquently that we can't help but be enamored.”

— Artnet

“If you love cats or just pictures of cats, Susan Herbert’s new book, Cats Galore is the book for you.”

— Paste

“Cat lovers will be eager to get their claws on this beautiful book.”


“A fine, fun picture book for cat and art lovers of all ages.”

— The Boston Globe

“Herbert continues her penchant for unabashedly forcing cats into art history. It sounds like a hilarious construct, but the results are often—even more comically—fairly serious. From the cover of Tutankhamun's coffin to every painting ever created by Renoir, Herbert is leaving no prisoners.”

— The Huffington Post

The Celtic Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends


“This small but mighty volume is a thorough guide to Celtic mythology.”

— Booklist/American Library Association

“The perfect introduction for the modern reader to the enduring world of Celtic legend… Thoughtfully illustrated with the sacred objects, sites and landscapes that helped inspire these tales in the first place.”

— Irish Voice

“Excellent…By recounting the rich and colorful stories found within these and other Celtic mythological works, Aldhouse-Green provides an engaging platform to discuss the literary motifs of the Celts with an eye to uncovering the nature of the enigmatic Celtic culture.”

— Portland Book Review

“Beautifully illustrated.”

— Irish American News

Children's Costume: The Complete Historical Sourcebook


“No other recent illustrated book covers such a range of dates. Costumers and illustrators will in particular find this useful. Libraries and individuals should acquire it for the quality of its illustrations. Highly recommended”

— Choice

“No recent illustrated book covers such a range of date. Costumers and illustrators in particular will find this book useful. Libraries and individuals should acquire it for the quality of its illustrations… Highly recommended.”

— Choice

Chinese Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century


“[This] richly illustrated book introduces the European-influenced modernist graphics of the “Shanghai Style,” dominated by Art Deco, and the “Progressive Movement,” influenced by Russian Constructivism, de Stijl and the Bauhaus.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“It was Minick and Ping’s wish that this book help to preserve the cultural identity of China – it is evident with even a simple glance that their venture has been successful”

— Zink

Chinese Lives: The People Who Made a Civilization


“Besides emperors, generals, and leading scholars, the authors include lesser-known figures …help[ing] the reader understand ancient China as a multiethnic, open empire, in which people with different ethnic backgrounds contributed to each other and, in turn, to the common ‘Chinese’ culture.”

— The Historian

Chronicle of the Russian Tsars


“Very accessible and bright with color and interest.”

— Bookwatch

“While the superbly organized text is geared toward general readers, specialists will find considerable value here; Warnes' speculations on the causes of Russian eastward expansion and on the actual relations between church and state are both provocative and credible. Lavish illustrations and instructive maps supplement the text… a valuable resource.”

— Library Journal

City Cycling: Europe


“A box set of illustrated guides to biking through eight European cities.”

— Design Sponge

“With understated style and superb quality that matches their apparel, the style vanguards at Rapha have created a set of cycling guidebooks for eight European cities that are almost too pretty to cram in a pannier…Feature[s] page after page of beautiful illustrations by artists from each city.”

— Adventure Cyclist

“The pages brim with in-depth neighborhood info, invaluable tips on getting around by bike, and gorgeous illustration…Small but mighty.”

— Fathom

Clarice Cliff for Collectors


“Readers will take a keen interest in the display options illustrated—a feature seldom-seen in collecting guides.”

— Antique Trader

“Extremely well-organized…Slater does an admirable job of telling the Clarice Cliff story…The best thing about the book is its photographs, which show Cliff’s work with admirable clarity, highlighting her mastery of shape and color.”

— Modernism

The Cold War


“An expert on the Cold War era…presents an in-depth analysis of the origins, development, and legacy of the period from 1945 to 1991 and its impact on the entire world.”

— Choice

Color me in!


“This book that is one that can keep youngsters busy for hours.”

— Sacramento Book Review

“Over 100 pages to color in, plus mazes, puzzles, dot-to-dot, and games, all with a quirky twist.”

— Woman Around Town

Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present


“Dan Mazur and Alexander …do an admirable job with a nearly impossible task…This level of commentary is like porno for critics, a kind of poetic clarity and insightful focus that brings insight into the familiar or unusual while also hitting the important points that need to be stated.”

— Comics Bulletin

“One of the most complete, interconnected histories of comics currently available…Mazur and Danner manage to generate a compelling history made up of the various aesthetic strands that have grown out of, and in many cases have transcended, their national/cultural origins. For fans and scholars wanting a more comprehensive history of the medium, one that doesn’t begin and end with the American comic book, Comics: A Global History should be the first place that they turn.”

— The Comics Alternative

“Global History is not meant to be the last word on its subject—it is, on the contrary, the first word. It will be, I hope, the starting point for young scholars and enthusiasts in the same way that Gardner, Janson and Mast have been.”

— The Great God Pan is Dead

“Mazur and Danner follow a long history of comics practitioners and aficionados who double and historians of the medium: unlike many, they offer a volume that resonates with scholarly authority…This richly dense treatise will best be read cover to cover…Highly recommended.”

— Choice

“A beautiful book filed with glorious reprints in color and black and white [that] leaves the reader wanting more…Mazur and Danner are studious in their research and analysis…Worth reading for historians and fans alike.”

— Pop Matters

“A very helpful book, which will probably end up on many syllabi of academic courses. It is certainly a fine start of hopefully more global, comparative approaches to the history of graphic narratives.”

— Image & Narrative

“For the aficionado or the neophyte, Comics is a useful overview of a richly creative period in a burgeoning art. And despite the good scholarship the authors have managed to retain the buoyancy and upbeat air attendant on most comics.”

— The Daily Beast