A School of Dolphins


“Avery writes with impressive expertise…the color illustrations are splendidly enjoyable…the pictures tie in perfectly with the text.”

— Library Journal

The Scientists: An Epic of Discovery


“The human face of scientific breakthroughs from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries is spotlit in this sumptuously illustrated volume. Science writer Andrew Robinson, editing contributions from a stellar team of authors, groups 43 greats into six broad areas: Universe, Earth, Molecules and Matter, Inside the Atom, Life, and Body and Mind. From Alan Turing and Marie Curie to William Harvey and Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman, this is a sampler of the driven, complex, fascinating characters who fomented scientific revolutions.”

— Nature

“This excellent celebration of the evolution of science over the centuries should be of broad interest to scientists and non-scientists alike—it will also be a wonderful stimulus to young people thinking about a career in science.”

— David J. Weatherall The Lancet

“Short biographies of scientists through the ages, from Copernicus to Watson and Crick, illustrate where new ideas and discoveries come from.”

— Science News

“An amazing book, magnificently covering the grand sweep of scientific endeavor. With each discovery, our vision shifts; the world seems renewed.”

— San Francisco Book Review

A Sea Voyage


“A lovely nautical excursion that brings a ship-in-a-bottle intricacy to each page. Moody seascapes that wouldn’t be out of place on a vintage watercolor tin spring to life in elegant pop-ups as Lo Monaco showcases six sea vessels, including a lifeboat, caravel, tall ship, and ocean liner. Brief accompanying rhymes have the air of sung chanteys, and background details about the boats’ origins, feats, and specifications are included.”

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History


“Think selfies are a new phenomenon? Think again. In Hall’s cultural history of self-portraiture, you’ll find everyone from Michelangelo to Titian to Cindy Sherman.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“[A] splendidly written and valuable study of one of the most psychologically revealing genres in art history.”

— Gallery & Studio

“Knowing why artists like Rembrandt and Courbet [created self-portraits] is at the heart of art historian James Hall’s book…Hall’s writing is not only accessible for a general audience, but filled with notable insights, including spicy, prurient ones.”

— The Daily Beast

“James Hall’s brilliant book …traces the evolution and aesthetic development of the form, from Flemish painter Jan van Eyck to Diego Velázquez’s ‘Las Meninas.’”

— Al Jazeera America

“The variety of expression on display here is amazing…Hall carefully unpacks the portraits …with anecdotes and histories that bring a new understanding to a vital part of artistic endeavor.”

— The Commercial Dispatch

“Hall shows that the creation of self-portraits is a deep-rooted aspect of the creative impulse.”

— Art Eyewitness

“Art historian James Hall examines the genre of self-portraiture from the Middle Ages to the present, contextualizing the tradition in relation to the cultural climate of its time. This clear, well-researched book is an exceptional choice for everyone from the general reader to the expert in art history.”

— Library Journal

“A lovely object in itself…The text is informative and accessible.”

— Portland Book Review

“Features major artists, mostly European, exhibiting themselves in a variety of modes, mostly pictorial, all complemented by effective, descriptive passages in well-wrought prose…Recommended.”

— Choice

“James Hall provides a lively cultural interpretation of the genre from the Middle Ages to today. But rather than provide a series of ‘greatest hits,’ he is more concerned with the reasons why artists create self-portraits.”

— The Weekly Standard

“While numerous texts have been written about many of the individual artists (and their self-portraits) the scope of the text is unique…[The] inclusion of lesser known artists and media is one of the strengths of Hall’s research, and the historic context provided demonstrates his extensive knowledge.”

— ARLIS/NA Reviews

“This broad cultural survey…shows us how art inspired by the artist's own image has been part of our tradition for centuries…Beautifully illustrated.”

— Professional Artist

“Hall intelligently and succinctly analyzes centuries of cultural history, and if the book doesn't much suggest where we're going, it does an exceptional job of pointing out where we've been.”

— Santa Barbara Independent

Shakespeare Cats


“If you like Shakespeare and love cats, then Shakespeare Cats is a must have for your coffee table…The artwork is awesome and the cats are impressive.”

— Portland Book Review

Shakespeare's London on 5 Groats a Day


“A lively, elegantly illustrated and illuminating guide … it’s time travel and it’s fun.”

— The Times [London]

“A light-hearted and novel way to revisit the London of Shakespeare’s day from a safe distance … a lively guide.”

— Times Literary Supplement

“Makes the London of 1599 real in a way that a conventional history would not.”

— Sacramento Book Review

“An amazing little book that will become indispensable to students of Elizabethan and Stuart history as well as to those studying Shakespeare’s plays.”

— Contemporary Review

Sinatra 100


“Created by the vice president of Frank Sinatra Enterprises with help of Sinatra’s three children, this work includes previously unseen photographs, memorabilia and ephemera—over half never before published—and a text drawing from unpublished personal interviews and conversations with Sinatra and his friends, family, and colleagues.”

— Library Journal

“Charles Pignone’s lollapalooza of a tome, Sinatra 100 looks like the toast of the town.”

— Library Journal

“A thorough and loving tribute… If an ardent admirer needed just one book to put the performer’s career into perspective, this would be it. With an almost perfect blend of text and images, this is a book every fan will love.”

— Library Journal

Sirens & Sinners: A Visual History of Weimar Film 1918-1933


“Germany’s Weimar period is endlessly fascinating, and this book explores one of the many art forms that blossomed in that time and place.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“Smolders as it captures the visual influence of Weimar film and its stars. Highly recommended.”

— Library Journal

“The images are a pleasure to behold and present the reader with a representative cross-section of the period’s major films and aesthetic styles…Recommended.”

— Choice

Sixties Fashion: From Less is More to Youthquake


“An analysis of how fashion fits and evolves within a specific time and space.”

— Columbia Daily Tribune

“This stylishly chic book covers the prevalent trends in clothing and accessories during this time …complemented with opulent illustrations.”

— Brilliant Magazine

Sixties Fashion traces the history of that most turbulent decade through its clothes…[Walford] connects the dots between the political and social turmoil of the era and the clothes people chose to ear. It was the end of fashion, he suggests, and the beginning of individual style.”

— Red Room

“A definitive book…Walford …traces the changes that come after fashion comes under the sway of the young, from Mary Quant’s miniskirts to Biba’s disposable fashion to the Sergeant Pepper look and paper dresses.”

— Women’s Wear Daily

“From the miniskirt to space-age wear to flower-power looks, this book weaves a definitive history of the fashion-packed decade.”

— San Antonio Express-News

“Shows the overall forward-thinking fervor of this era’s fashionistas while paying proper homage to its subcultures and social complexity.”

— Passport Magazine



“The omnipotence of death, not the omnipotence of the artist is Stern's theme. While photographing, Stern's conscious concerns were formal; however, those concerns yielded emotion-­fraught images, and she admits that she is still striving to accept death, which for her, is changeable and dynamic. Kuspit's inclusion of art from Renaissance to contemporary times provides a firm ground on which to consider Stern's photographs. [A] perfect starting point for a multidisciplinary discussion or course on photography, philosophy, art history, and comparative religion.”

— Library Journal

The Smile Stealers: The Fine and Foul Art of Dentistry


“In The Smile Stealers, Barnett presents a stunning visual history of dentistry… Though Barnett includes a broadly written history of dentistry through the ages, the strength of the book is the design and presentation of the art and imagery… This book will appeal to all readers with an interest in history, medicine, and art and design.”

— Choice

Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide


“Unlike most sequels, this one is very necessary…a manageable 256 pages of pure sneaker porn and a great reflection on the past decade in footwear.”

— Complex

“All the information a sneakerhead could want about many of the most appealing athletic shoes that have recently been launched—all accompanied by  crisp, clean photographs.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“A comprehensive look at some of the most exclusive kicks in history.”

— Smooth Magazine

“You will find yourself immersed in the subculture depicted in this eye-opening limited edition guide. If you love sneakers, this is the book to pick up.”

— Portland Book Review

Splat!: The Most Exciting Artists of All Time


“Arranged chronologically, each chapter features a single artist who bucked convention… Plentiful reproductions make each chapter visually appealing, and a few activities sprinkled throughout help drive home the importance of the artists’ stylistic innovations…The approachable tone, dossier-style pages, and plentiful visual aids will make this an easy pick for students hoping to become better acquainted with famous artists.”

— Booklist

“Arranged chronologically, each chapter features a single artist who bucked convention… Plentiful reproductions make each chapter visually appealing, and a few activities sprinkled throughout help drive home the importance of the artists’ stylistic innovations…The approachable tone, dossier-style pages, and plentiful visual aids will make this an easy pick for students hoping to become better acquainted with famous artists.”

— Booklist

“In the fourth book in a series that includes Eureka! and Genius!, Richards profiles 20 well-known visual artists, moving chronologically from Michelangelo to Warhol. After a brief overview of ancient art, Richards devotes four pages to each artist, providing sketches of their backgrounds and artistic goals, full-page reproductions of some of their best-known works, a few paragraphs on their upbringings and careers, and supplemental images, timelines, sidebars, and tidbits. Succinct writing provides clear snapshots of the artists’ struggles, beliefs, and influence.”

— Publishers Weekly

“wonderful for budding artists of any age”

— Picture Book Depot

“in format and editorial approach, [it] is an engaging art history discussion with a contemporary feel that may well capture a young reader’s interest….Even the title Splat! has a seductive buzz.”

— New York Journal of Books

“The book is a success for many reasons: it distills the most important life information about the artists, and present their work conditions, techniques, and details worth note….terrific journey through the ages”


“an exceptionally informative art book”

— San Francisco Book Review