The Naked Nude


“Make[s] the case for a more diverse approach to a timeless subject.”

— Gallery + Studio

“An in-depth look at our contemporary and historical fixation with the body and the nude.”

— The Huffington Post

“Though today’s nude is confrontational, the effect is rarely distancing; instead, Borzello concludes, its honesty forges an emotional bond between artist and viewer.”

— Art & Auction

Naturalists in Paradise: Wallace, Bates and Spruce in the Amazon


“I can’t imagine a better biographer for these three men than John Hemming…[His] most evocative accounts concern the many indigenous peoples that the three explorers met. There is a great tenderness in his descriptions, mixed with an immense respect and appreciation for their customs and traditions…Naturalists in Paradise is a story of adventure and tenacious endurance, told by an author who underpins the research with his personal knowledge of the Amazon.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“The author of this most intriguing ‘triography’ of Bates, Spruce and Wallace is the person best qualified to write it …Hemming’s crowning achievement is the full integration of the stories of Bates, Spruce and Wallace. Wallace has been the focus of numerous books, while few narratives have concentrated on the great scientific contributions by Bates or Spruce. Hemming makes a very clear and compelling case that the other two’s friendship, partnership, conversations, correspondence and research amply influenced Wallace’s thinking and his great theory.”

— Washington Post

“In Naturalists in Paradise, John Hemming uses the stories of these three iconic Victorian explorers to show how the experience of being in the field is intensively individual and as idiosyncratic as the people themselves. There is no one better to explore their journeys than Hemming, who not only is a great scholar of the Amazon and its people but also has, himself, trodden in the footsteps of these men, a fact that allows him to empathize charmingly with their individual tales. Hemming portrays the personalities of each of these men brilliantly…The most striking theme in Hemming’s book is the powerful description of the importance of collaboration in field work and in science in general… Today’s scientists working with biodiversity and ecosystem services could take a cue from these Victorian naturalists who explored with both their eyes and minds open.”

— Science

The Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story


“In the first complete chronological narrative of the species from emergence to extinction …archaeologist Dimitra Papagianni and science historian Michael Morse have shaped a gem.”

— Nature

“Papagianni and Morse explore various aspects of the biology, culture, and demise of the Neanderthals, helping to shed light on many of the myths and controversies …that had long surrounded this ancient and enigmatic group.”

— The Underground Movement

“Includes the most up-to-date findings and interpretations presented in the technical literature… Recommended.”

— Choice

“If you want grounding in our current understanding of our human predecessors, Papagianni, and PhD archaeologist and Morse …have written the book for you…Highly recommended.”

— Library Journal

“Readers learn that the common perception of the Neanderthals has been transformed due to new discoveries and paradigm-shattering scientific innovations.”

— Museum Store Magazine

“Focused squarely on the Neanderthals in their own right—how they lived, how they evolved, how they inhabited Europe for at least two hundred millennia…The Neanderthals Rediscovered has the fresh charm of treating human evolution as a curious story that leads to the Neanderthals, rather than as a moral tale that rises ever upward and inevitably to us godlike moderns.”

— Harper's

The New Artisans II


“This volume …with 60 profiles luxuriously dispersed over 300-some pages, is persuasive. It spans mediums, aesthetics, business models, and continents…And it succeeds in revealing the threads them connect them all. The composite image is that of a global movement—one that’s growing only stronger.”

— American Craft

The New Artisans: Handmade Designs for Contemporary Living


“…a fine pick for those who have developed a romance with the ways of human craftsmanship.”

— The Midwest Review of Books

“Readers interested in the latest home design trends and alternative fashion will be inspired as they browse through this picture perfect book.”

— Library Journal

“A must have book. A beautiful, simple celebration of the handmade and the one of a kind.”


“Featured in “Our Finds”


New Brazilian House



— Interior Design

“Explores 25 recent projects by the country’s contemporary visionaries—Isay Weinfeld, Arthur Casas, and Marcio Kogan, and among them—showing how they have fashioned their own idiom, one that embraces rectilinear forms and organic materials.”

— Architectural Digest

“Not just a retrospective of Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi. Each section of the lavishly illustrated book shows that the vitality and flair of the Brazilian people are alive and well in its architecture—and that it's not just an urban luxury.”

— Metropolis

“A thoughtful and informative tour of some of Brazil’s most provocative contemporary houses.”

— New Brazilian House

“Chronicles distinctive modernist architecture.”

— Palm Beach Daily News

“From São Paolo and Rio to the coastal towns of Paraty and Ilhabela, from city homes to country retreats and seaside escapes, these pages reflect the vitality of Brazil's architecture and design today.”

— Florida Design

“Will be as useful to landscape architects and designers as home architects and designers.”

— Protoview

New Earrings: 500+ Designs from Around the World


“Especially recommended for those whose collections focus on fashion, jewelry, and photography.”

— Library Journal

“Present[s] a wonderland of possibilities.”

— AmericanCraft

“Absolutely glorious!”

— Woman Around Town

“Capitalizing on the popularity of the Lark Books 500 series, this book presents a similar range of artists, though with a better overall design presenting more wearable and less theoretical pieces.”

— American Society of Jewelry Historians

New London Style


“Will appeal to followers of London fashion culture as well as general audiences interested in interior design and photography”

— Reference and Research Book News

“New London Style takes us on a tour of 28 houses, each with a flair that makes you smile.”

— Washington Spaces

New Modernist Type


“Fun, clever, and inspiring.”

— Choice

“The illustrations pack a visual wallop, but it’s not just eye candy: Budding enthusiasts looking to learn more about typography will discover useful historical information, and professionals will profit from a healthy dose of design inspiration.”

— Dwell

New Nordic Design


“a must for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the Scandinavian influence on global handmade and industrial design marketplaces”

— American Craft

New Nordic Gardens: Scandinavian Landscape Design


“This beautifully illustrated book serves as an informative guide to the principles and techniques of contemporary Scandinavian garden design. The author has a keen sensitivity to the natural elements of the landscape, especially light and stone. This is a coffee table–worthy lookbook brimming with ideas and aesthetic integrity. It will stimulate possibilities for gardens well below the northern reaches of the Scandinavian latitudes.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Focuses on simple, stylish gardens across the North Sea.”

— Traditional Home

New Nordic Gardens explains innate Nordic principals while showcasing a vast collection of innovative applications that are all fresh.”

— Thinking Outside the Boxwood

“After flipping through Annika Zetterman's New Nordic Gardens, we welcome the Nordic storm.”

— Better Homes & Gardens

New Paris Style


“This is all about le bon chic, often at its best in Paris in the mostly unseen corners, high up where creatives live. It is graphic, inventive, personal …”

— Vogue Living Australia

“It’s an absolutely intoxicating blend of twenty-seven properties.”

— 2modern

“This chic new book offers plenty of style inspiration for those seeking to inject a little more glamour into their homes.”

— France Magazine

“Those interested in viewing current European interior design trends as well as discovering the young style makers of Paris will be well served by this book.”

— Library Journal

“For the Francophile …Blends classic and modern design.”

— The Arizona Republic

“Chronicles how the city's creative class lives…The book offers a satisfyingly voyeuristic look into 27 pied-à-terres, houses, lofts, and ateliers.”

— Remodelista

The New Pâtissiers



— Woman Around Town

“Olivier Dupon features some of the finest pastry chefs in the world, along with tantalizing recipes and photographs of their lavish creations.”

— Four Seasons Magazine

“For the food fan and would-be chef who will find the hundreds of photos and recipes to be luscious representations of the best of modern cooking.”

— The Midwest Book Review

New Retro: Classic Graphics, Today's Designs


“Explores how you can reinterpret the past to meet the design needs of today”

— How Design

“At once easygoing and erudite, eye-filling and intellectually engaging.”

— The New Republic

“A fine portfolio section…. Students of design will be interested in this book.”

— Library Journal



“How brands can be part of cultural conversations without looking like idiots.”

— Fast Co.Create

“100 case-study examples of outstanding creative advertising …in Day Glo Orange text inflicting excruciating strain on the eyes.”

— Luerzer's Archive