The Lost Tombs of Thebes: Ancient Egypt: Life in Paradise


“Exquisitely detailed color photographs.”

— Natural History

“The ‘book experience’ is actually superior to the empirical one, especially when objects and monuments are presented – as they are in these photos – with flawless lighting and minutely focused amazing details.”

— KMT Magazine

“Spectacular…. Highly recommended for anyone, general or specialist, with an interest in ancient Egypt.”

— Library Journal

“Exquisitely detailed color photographs of mural and wall carvings record the religious and social scene in Egypt thirty-six centuries ago, as experienced not by pharaohs, but by lesser court figures, viziers, generals, architects, and priests.”

— Natural History Magazine

“A clear and scholarly narrative of the tombs of the officials or nobles of the Pharaohs in the New Kingdom period… The acclaimed Italian photographer, Sandro Vannini, provides the magnificent large format images in this beautiful book.”

— Las Cruces

The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego: Selk'nam, Yamana, Kawésqar


“what we see is the human body transformed, redesigned into representations of spirits”

— Design Observer

“A very important work not to be missed…The book features a selection of 1,200 images that were recently digitized from Gusinde’s original negatives and prints housed in the Anthropos Institute in Germany. The “bewitching quality” of images taken between 1919 and 1924 brings these extinct cultures alive with marvelous portraits, some with wonderful smiling faces, which are rich in cultural and religious activities with all the valuable ethnographic details and beauty of a landscape and its original people.”

— Choice

“Arresting …Not only pays tribute to Gusinde’s images, but the profound cultural loss they represent.”

— The Explorers Journal

“Photography was an important aspect of Gusinde’s scientific and humanistic endeavor, and The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego is the first book to address this aspect of his work in its own right…Bewitchingly surreal.”

— The New York Review of Books

“Extraordinary…A memorial to a people and a culture that were vanished from this earth.”

— Crave

“A mesmerizing collection of photographs by the German priest and anthropologist Martin Gusinde, made in the course of four expeditions between 1918 and 1924… Gusinde's approach was both respectful and scientific; his pictures of wild costumes and total nudity alike are as rigorously framed as those his compatriots Bernd and Hilla Becher later made of disappearing industrial architecture—they share a taxonomic consideration that rewards the viewer with a stern but involving rhythm.”

— The New York Times Book Review

Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow


“This capacious, precisely detailed biography, the first in a quarter-century, was a long time in the making and consequently brims with diligently mined and carefully weighed revelations. Wilson’s fascinating, well-illustrated explication of Nevelson’s artistic quest reignites appreciation for the profound complexity, evocative beauty, and mystical power of her work.”

— Booklist (starred review)

“The depth and beauty of this book is extraordinary. I lived with Louise Nevelson for almost twenty-five years and never asked questions that I thought would be intrusive. Laurie Wilson’s brilliant biography answers those questions with remarkable insight.”

— Diana Mackown, Nevelson's longtime assistant and friend

“Based on primary sources—especially unpublished interviews with the artist, her family, friends, and dealers— Laurie Wilson presents new information, adroitly separates fact from fiction, and reveals the complex personality of a much admired but little understood artist.”

— Valerie J. Fletcher, art historian and curator

“Laurie Wilson finds a delicate and delicious balance between art history and psychoanalysis in this authoritative, exhaustive biography. With an opulence that Nevelson herself would have admired, Wilson proclaims her subject’s genius and sculpts a permanent place for Nevelson alongside her most admired contemporary, Pablo Picasso.”

— Vera Camden, Professor of Psychiatry and English Literature

“Reads like a thriller with the hero, art, as savior… This compelling biography examines Nevelson’s inner life, and portrays her as an artist, woman, and complex human being. It is fascinating to read how she cultivated her image and rose to prominence in what was the macho art world of her time with her evolved and original works. Wilson’s refreshing account also includes Nevelson’s inspirational friends—many of them women—from the movers and shakers of her era. At last a major, yet inclusive, work in the genre of Art History!”

— Jane McAdam Freud, sculptor

“In this biography of Ukrainian-born American sculpture artist Louise Nevelson, famous for her work with shadow boxes and black wooden walls, Wilson, a practicing psychoanalyst who teaches at NYU, uses her professional expertise to explore the inner life and motivations of the artist and her artwork. Wilson details the artist’s eccentricities and places Nevelson’s success in the context of the 1970s, specifically the male-dominated contemporary art scene in N.Y.C. Her descriptions of Nevelson’s art are vivid, carefully observed, and insightful.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A much-needed, comprehensive biography of a great American artist. Wilson, an art historian and practicing psychoanalyst, is perfectly suited to write this intimate, revealing biography of the artist she interviewed many times and considers "one of the greatest American artists of the twentieth-century.''”

— Kirkus Reviews

“In Louise Nevelson: Light and Shadow, Laurie Wilson maps Nevelson''s art onto [her] complicated personal history. As an art historian and psychoanalyst, the author probes into her subject''s inner life, especially the conscious and unconscious themes that animate the artwork. Numerous interviews, conducted with a wide range of sources, are the book''''s strength. One of the revelations of Wilson''''''''s volume is how hard Nevelson worked to produce art and to have that art recognized.”

— Art in America

“Separating truth from myth, a perceptive investigation into the ''''larger than life’ American original, Louise Nevelson. A fascinating read for someone who knew her well.”

— Arne Glimcher, founder of Pace Gallery

Lumitecture: Illuminating Interiors for Designers and Architects


“This fascinating book exhibits light as an art form on a global scale… The work of architects, designers, artists, sculptors, engineers, and painters is highlighted for their permanent installations in churches, residences, public works, retail stores, etc.—even the main stairwell of Versailles—as well as for their temporal projects for arts festivals worldwide. In the age of apocalyptic climate change, this book speaks volumes about the value of art as light, both projected and immanent, of which works here boast beyond the ordinary fluorescent and iridescent that illuminate our environments”

— Library Journal

“art and science of light elegantly brought together…One of the most valuable elements of this book is that one can either read it through or randomly open the pages and read about one of the many creative projects that explore different aspects of Light”

— California Home + Design

“The color photographs of the installations are numerous and excellent, going well beyond commentary on design to reveal the many manifestations and effects of light as an element of architectural design.”

— Choice

M. C. Escher Pop-Ups


“…an outstanding collection for pop-up art collectors in general and fans of M.C. Escher’s geometric creations in particular.”

— The Midwest Review of Books

“This book presents some of [Escher’s] most boggling work in a whole extra dimension.”

— Columbia Tribune

The Magic of M.C. Escher


“With the exception of a brief foreword, an introduction and a spattering of quotations from the artist, ‘The Magic of M.C. Escher’ is entirely visual, filled with prints, drawings, and rough sketches.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“[Escher’s] imaginative metamorphoses of geometric patterns into flocks of birds and mind-bending spatial inventions epitomize our astonishment with the inter-related profusion of the world.”


Magnum Contact Sheets



— The Literate Lens

“Each case presented in Magnum Contact Sheets brings a deeper appreciation of the care and dedication the agency extends to photography…You won’t experience a moment’s hesitation considering this exceptional book for your collection.”

— The Picture Professional

“At their best, the pictures add to our understanding of the surface event documented and reveal something profound about the people pushing that history forward.”

— The Los Angeles Times

Magnum Contact Sheets


“…a magnificent compendium of raw images from the photography cooperative.”

— New York Times Book Review

“A rare revelation.”

— Arts and Antiques

“This 500-page volume provides a peek at the process behind these photos, showing the shots taken before and after each standout and letting the photographers tell how they made their choices.”

— Art+Auction

“[This book]…offers unique insight into the working progress of the celebrated agency’s photographers over the past seven decades—their approach to taking and editing their pictures as well as their idiosyncratic relationships with the contact sheet.”

— Time Magazine

“Gives unprecedented access into the creative process of some of the world’s greatest photographers.”

— Complex's Art + Design

“…a magnificent compendium of raw images from the photography cooperative.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“Through these fascinating and usually private images, the exhibition celebrates what and how photographers saw for nearly a century. Coinciding with the publication of Magnum Contact Sheets (Thames & Hudson), edited by ICP Curator Kristen Lubben, the exhibition includes a selection of some of the 139 contact sheets in the book.”

— NY City Official City Guide

Magnum Cycling


“Visually stunning and insightful… The balance of text to photographs is perfect: Guy Andrews's narrative and captions inform and elucidate, and then get out of the way of the extraordinary images that are the heart of this beautiful book. More than 200 gorgeous, intimate photographs in black-and-white and vibrant color present a view of a sport that is adrenaline-filled, fast-paced and deeply, tenderly human. Magnum Cycling is a superior collection of art, history and emotion.”

— Shelf Awareness

“The photographs of a new book, Magnum Cycling, which collects more than two hundred shots of riding events—the majority from the Tour and other scenes in France—are unified in capturing something holy”

— The New Yorker Photo Booth

“The photographs of a new book, Magnum Cycling, which collects more than two hundred shots of riding events—the majority from the Tour and other scenes in France—are unified in capturing something holy”

— The New Yorker Photo Booth

“Glorious collection of images”

— The Week

Magnum Magnum


“The selections are sometimes as surprising as they are engaging…. Reads like a visual conversation among talented colleagues. And we are allowed to listen in.”

— Christian Science Monitor

“Spectacular and authoritative.”

— American Photo

“A real gem… belongs in any great photography library.”

— Picture Magazine

Magnum Magnum


“A book both quirky and epochal.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“A great idea, beautifully realized.”

— Chicago Tribune

“Visually compelling…a collective testament to the complexity of human experience.”

— O, The Oprah Magazine

“Very much a keeper.”

— Worcester Telegram and Gazette

“Endlessly interesting.”

— Picture Magazine

“Transform(s) fragments from the deluge of events, both small and epic, into intimate photographic artifacts of the human condition.”

— San Diego Union-Tribune

Magnum Manifesto


“Magnum Manifesto collects more than 500 images made by the collective's members. It also presents documents pulled from its archives, dating from the collective’s founding to the present. The project celebrates the images that have embodied its mission and reveals that the collective has struggled with how to proceed right from the start. The photographs are organized chronologically and grouped into sections that correspond roughly to themes: human rights, identity, and political change. The documents reproduced in the book include the company's 1947 Certificate of Incorporation, which states that the agency's purpose is, among other tasks…"to carry on the business of photography."”

— Rebecca Robertson Photo District News

“A feast of trenchant, often-wrenching imagery drawn from the organization’s vast archives.”

— Choice

Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics


“Visually stunning but also meticulously researched, this book has something for casual manga fans and serious art students alike. Most of the book’s pages are devoted to more than 1,000 full-color reproductions of comic art representing a wide range of periods, styles, and genres.”

— Booklist

Manolo Blahnik Drawings


“Manolo Blahník's shoes are as good as sex…and they last longer.”

— Madonna

“Divided by decade, from the 1970s to the 2000s, the collection is diverse and fun, and as documentary as a museum catalogue. It should appeal to any fashionista or design aficionado anyone with a sense of shoes as art.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A must-read for any Manolo maniac.”

— Riviera