Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs


“These macabre images elicit a range of contemporary references, from Goonies to bling-laden rappers to artist Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull.”


“Perhaps this book is not the originator of the phrase 'skeletons in your closet,' but if it were, that closet would be looking quite stupendous.”

— Dazed Digital

“An art historian nicknamed ‘Indiana Bones’ has unearthed a haunting collection of jewel-encrusted skeletons which were hidden in churches in Europe up to 400 years ago.”

— New York Post

“Photographer and author Paul Koudounaris gained unprecedented access to these so-called ‘catacomb saints’ for his new book Heavenly Bodies. Many had never been photographed for publication before. Revered as spiritual objects and then reviled as a source of embarrassment for the Church, their uneven history is marked by one constant: a mysterious, if unsettling, beauty.”


“A compelling read…The gorgeous photos that accompany the text only reaffirm the opulence of such relics.”

— Gothic Beauty

“Smart and accessible, Heavenly Bodies opens the door to this largely overlooked aspect of the Counter Reformation era.”

— Hi-Fructose

“Prepared to be amazed by the splendor and beauty of ornamented skeletal remains.”

— Palm Springs Life

“Koudounaris takes his subject beyond historical rubbernecking and looks at how bodies can move the spirit—and why we can’t let go and can’t look away.”

— The North Coast Journal

“Brings to life a group of long-forgotten Catholic relics.”

— Lapham's Quarterly

“Investigates the historic attempts to prescribe posthumous identities to skeletons, specifically those believed to be martyrs.”


“Oh, you didn’t know the skeletons of martyrs were unabashedly decked out in gems? Welcome to the club.”

— BuzzFeed

“Focuses on the life and history of a set of false relics in the Catholic Church.”

— The Desert Sun

“The images of the catacomb saints are dazzling, almost beyond belief.”

— Publishers Weekly

“This macabre mash-up of camp and Catholicism features nearly 100 drop-dead images of blinged-out skeletons.”

— Passport Magazine

“A strange and fascinating book exploring bejeweled Counter Reformation Catholic Skeletons.”

— American Society of Jewelry Historians

“Magnificently illustrated…An illuminating read for jewelry historians and gemologists alike.”

— Gems and Gemology

“The photography by Koudounaris is outstanding. He was given access that most tourists touting a camera are not.”


“Koudounaris is one of the first people to photograph the strangely stunning skeletons that have been rediscovered over the years. And while he can't speak to their authenticity as saints, he does believe that they are extraordinary works of art that deserve to be seen.”


“In telling the story of these extraordinary relics, Koudounaris makes a case for them as neglected masterpieces of religious art…Koudounaris uncovers a lost world of religious devotion, in which sanctified remains could control the weather, save souls from purgatory, and serve as all-purpose patrons.”

— Los Angeles Review of Books

Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables


“[Perry’s] photographs are masterly romances, accompanied by an intelligent text by Toby Musgrave.”

— New York Times Book Review

“…this book surveys heritage fruits and vegetables in rich, painterly photographs….”

— Daily Press

“With luscious photos and illuminating text, this book is a masterful presentation of the heritage of the fruits and vegetables we have cultivated … ”

— Washington Gardener

Helmut Newton


“We need more than ever photographers who can both stimulate and shock. Which is reason to celebrate this seminal book, now back in print.”

— Black & White Magazine

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Here and Now


“The glories of [Cartier-Bresson’s] long career are beautifully curated by Clément Chéroux in Henri Cartier-Bresson: Here and Now, with almost every image indelible, even the images he shot in private.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“Substantial and inclusive…the standard narrative of the photographer, in which he moves from early surrealist concerns into photojournalism, becomes instead a narrative of diverse influences and concerns, ideals resonating and evolving across images…The comprehensiveness and quality of this latest monograph distinguishes it as a significant contribution.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Manages to somewhat reconfigure [Henri Cartier-Bresson's] life. Chéroux…demonstrates that social concern was a feature of Cartier-Bresson's work from the beginning and, by including a great many lesser-known, non-magazine pictures, shows that his modernist panache never went away.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“With rare and previously unpublished images…The first retrospective since Cartier-Bresson’s death.”


“Provides a broad view of Cartier-Bresson’s long career.”

— ARTnews

“It’s all here, in black-and-white and color—the photos of poverty, of scenes in various countries, the news photos of breaking incidents and so on.”

— Women's Wear Daily

“The main effort here seems to be to separate Cartier-Bresson from the legacy of The Decisive Moment with which he has been so closely associated. Yes, he did formulate that philosophy but he was many other things as well: surrealist, activist, war prisoner, fugitive, international wanderer, communist, filmmaker, Magnum founder, reporter… All of these facets and more are explored in the book.”

— Photo-Eye

“It’s hard to believe that Cartier-Bresson …still has work out there that is largely unseen. But printed in the 416 pages of this photographic compilation are familiar and unknown pieces, printed in color and in Cartier-Bresson’s signature black-and-white.”

— Rangefinder

“Includes many less familiar and previously unpublished photographs; rare color work; a sampling of drawings, paintings and collages; and numerous portraits of the notoriously camera-shy Frenchman…The Cartier-Bresson that emerges from Chéroux’s text is a fuller and more accessible personality than has heretofore been revealed.”

— Black & White


— The Arts by Karena

“This excellent monograph includes more than 500 images in color and black and white, some iconic, some not, but all of interest.”

— The Daily Beast

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Scrapbook


“Image after striking image reveals poignant moments in perfectly composed frames. The scrapbook is notable both for the history and the personalities it records, and for the right place at the right time.”

— Publishers Weekly



“There was a time when herbs were ‘supremely important’ in day-to-day life, were held in great respect and, in some cases, even thought to possess spirits. Hildebrand aims to reclaim these traditions by profiling 100 herbs. Each entry offers not only basic information, including its use in folklore and literature, but also sidebar snippets with specific guidance that includes how to grow; how to eat with it; how to try the herb, and ways the herb can be used to heal. The point of [this] book is that the earth is filled with these horticultural gifts, which are plentiful, useful, beneficial, beautiful, and, most importantly, right there in front of you.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Eat, plant, study, heal, and grow with this perfectly written, beautifully illustrated guide to the world of herbs!”

— Manhattan Book Review

Here Comes Everybody: Chris Killip's Irish Photographs


“You could walk into these pictures…powerfully dynamic. Unforgettable.”

— Booklist

“Colour photography…exquisitely rendered…Killip has achieved another groundbreaking work that will become a touchstone for contemporary discussions.”

— The Photography Biannual

“His photographs of tight composition, both black and white and color, are arranged almost as the perfect photo album. The book’s design…encourages an intimacy with each image that a larger-scale book might miss.”

— Picture Magazine

The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique


“An essential accessory to luxury lifestyles…has symbolized twentieth century beauty wealth and fantasy since its creation in 1937”

— Coolhunting

“A must have for Hermes devotees, collectors, and those in pursuit of iconic fashion.”

— Vanity Fair

The Hermitage XXI: The New Art Museum in the General Staff Building


“Give[s] readers a feel for the grand modern space. Will be appealing to those who work in managing space in art museums and to students in museum studies [and] readers interested in the fusion of historic and contemporary architecture.”

— Library Journal

“impressive … a manual for respectfully adapting a historic building with an eye to the future.”

— Choice

Hip Hop Raised Me


“Well-written and engaging…The pictures alone are worth the price of entry for this weighty coffee table book [that’s] the perfect Christmas gift for any hip-hop loving friends or family. If you love hip-hop, you’ll love this–whatever era you come from!”

— LitViral

“A delightful and comprehensive study of hip-hop [and] a far-reaching analysis of the music and culture. A visual treasure trove…this volume contains over 1,000 photographs, many printed here for the first time. A historical feast, it will be treasured by longtime fans and consulted by interested newcomers.”

— Library Journal

“Unlike many hip hop books that embrace the patchwork aesthetic of fanzines, this volume treats the genre with a certain graphic elegance and scholarly heft. Text blocks range from historic timelines to in-depth pieces on major stars—Tupac Shakur, N.W.A., Jay-Z, Eminem, Nicki Minaj—while the images alternate between somber portraits, landmark album covers, and edgy memorabilia. At 450 pages, this is the reference book on the genre.”

— American Photo

Hipgnosis Portraits


“This fascinating book showcases the photo and design talents of perhaps the most influential design collective in album art history…Powell's recollections are as charming as the final photos are intense.”

— USA Today

“Consider it a coffee table book for rock fans who bliss out on something stronger that coffee…If anything, gazing at the charged images from Hipgnosis's glory days, I'm reminded of how much we have lost. Vinyl fanatics have succeeded in reviving the LP, but I'm not sure if commercial pressures of any sort could ever bring back the free-spirited covers that, for a brief spell, created much of the mystique of classic rock.”

— The Daily Beast

“Powell's notes and curator photographs provide a personal tour of his decades-old flat file, sharing never-before-seen outtakes and mock-ups from some of the greatest albums of all time.”

— Burnaway

Hipgnosis Portraits is a collection of both seminal album covers and the lost photo shoots, as well as the stories behind them—working intimately with the bands to conceive and execute their creative visions.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“Pre-Photoshop, Hipgnosis pioneered double-exposure and montage techniques to turn photos into “Wow, dude!” moments…Along the way, Hipgnosis compiled a hefty file of music portraiture—clients ranging from the Rolling Stones to Olivia Newton-John—much of it unseen until now.”

— American Photo

A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives


“The real power of the book is the author’s ability to convey the context of the subjects’ lives and the interconnected effect of their actions on their society and one another. A highly enjoyable and accessible volume. For readers new to Greek history, it provides an excellent overview of significant events and personages, while those familiar with its subjects might find that the presentation results in an interesting perspective.”

— Library Journal Xpress Reviews

“This biographical approach represents an interesting way to tell the history of ancient Greece. …Filled with beautiful illustrations and photographs, many in color…Recommended.”

— Choice

Hockney's Portraits and People


“This large-format paperback edition is brimming with portraits of the friends, family, and lovers in Hockney’s orbit, including the famous (Andy Warhol, Billy Wilder, Armistead Maupin), semifamous, and not so famous.”

— Library Journal

Hokusai Pop-Ups


“Realized in jewel-like colors, Hokusai's simple views of everyday scenes in Japan, his sense of balance and harmony, and his highly stylized but ever-changing techniques seem to capture the spirit and traditions of his homeland. Hokusai Pop-Ups brings this stunning art to life.”

— The Entertainment Report

Horace Walpole's Cat


“Frayling’s essays add scholarly gravity balanced with a true love of the literature of Walpole, Gray, Johnson, and their contemporaries. Each set of illustrations emphasizes different aspects of the brief, clever, and charming poem with whimsical drawings and lively characterizations.”

— Bloomsbury Review

“Charmingly illustrated history of one of the best-loved and best-titled poems.”

— Entertainment Weekly

How Things Work: Facts and fun, questions and answers, things to make and do


“Action-packed…This ambitious picture book attempts to answer questions and spark imagination about virtually every object that may be found in a child’s immediate surroundings.”

— New York Journal of Books

“An entertaining introduction to an array of useful scientific concepts.”

— Publishers Weekly

“This eye-catching book of infographics explains how different processes work…A solid addition for general collections or those in need of science-related activity books.”

— School Library Journal

“A ragtag bunch of characters help kids learn about science, the world, and a little bit of everything.”

— Portland Book Review