Collector's Edition Innovative Packaging and Graphics

Stuart Tolley

A rich visual survey of over 170 leading examples of contemporary graphic and packaging design for deluxe limited-editions


This global survey of graphic design innovation brings together over 170 examples from the worlds of music, book publishing, and magazines that have been released as collector’s, limited, or deluxe editions. It includes a broad spectrum of work, formats, and genres, ranging from editions of albums by international recording artists including Coldplay and Radiohead, to ultra-rare and expensive publications such as The Vatican Secret Archives, handbound in the Vatican studio and produced in an edition of just thirty-three copies (three of which were reserved for the Pope).

Collector's Edition is organized into four sections: Boxed; Multiples; Hand; and Extras. Each of the featured design examples is accompanied by a brief yet detailed project description, a list of specifications outlying the format, materials, and finishes used, and full credits for the client, record label, publisher, and designer behind the work. Each section also includes interviews with designers such as Stefan Sagmeister and Stanley Donwood to gain their views and insights on why the materiality and tactility of printed packaging are more important than ever.



— Portland Book Review

Targeted toward an audience of design professionals, students and music aficionados, the book highlights the ability of digital and print media to coexist.

— Oklahoma Gazette


Stuart Tolley


Stuart Tolley is an art director and the author of Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics.